Oh my, I feel so much better today. What a difference a little yoga class makes.

Ryan didn’t get home until about 6:50 – class starts at 7. (He was in New Braunfels, it’s understandable.) I felt bad, but I was hurrying him to change so we could get down to the gym… I was DESPERATE to go. My body has been so tight for the last week and a half. As soon as I got into the classroom, I was relieved that I would finally be able to feel better.

And I do! Ryan was participating fully in the class, which made me happy. I was just glad to be doing it again. After the class, Ryan said that he felt like he should do more of a workout, but it seemed like it was somewhat challenging for me yesterday.

Nonetheless, we both felt very connected for the rest of the day. It seemed like we were breathing more in tune and just very… close.

Dinner was good last night, I made baked salmon with boiled & seasoned red potatoes and green beans. Very tasty. After dinner, we decided to drive by a house I’d found at and found it to be even cuter in person. Ahhh, I don’t know why we keep torturing ourselves with the prospect of having a house at this point… we have nothing saved to speak of, and we just signed ourselves into another lease until next April (well, we’ll be free May 1). I keep reminding myself that when the right house comes along, it will be the right time… things will be right to buy a house. There has always been a little something about the houses that aren’t quite right… the kitchen’s too small, the backyard is tiny, there’s no fence, it’s far away from EVERYTHING we like…

Sometime today I think I’m supposed to be getting my computer moved to a new desk. My phone is already over there, which is just a little more than slightly annoying… I’ve had to forward it to the phone they put in at my current desk (not my extension!) since last Friday. Sheesh. Hopefully it’ll all come together soon… I got to order some new desk accessories, so I’m ready to get a move on!


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