weekend update

What a busy weekend it was! Ryan and I did our best to spend plenty of quality time with Todd and Rachel, who are leaving for New York on the 25th.

Thursday night… Todd, Rachel and Meagan came over to hang out, drink beer, and watch Failure to Launch, which wasn’t a great movie but it was a fun flick to watch in mixed company. Enough chick-flick sentimentality for the gals, enough stupid animal humor for the guys, and enough gushy goodness for all of us. We were all laughing out loud through the whole thing.

Friday night… Todd came over to veg out. Rachel and Meagan were at the little going-away shindig that Rachel’s “bizarro friends” were having for her, so Ryan and I sat out on the balcony with Todd and mused about adulthood and moving and the future and other deep stuff like that. And we watched Letterman.

Saturday… during the day I watched Vanity Fair, which was enjoyable for the costumes and Reese Witherspoon being an early-1800s smartass. Ahhh, I love period pieces with some good bawdiness. Of course, it’s billed as a drama, and that it certainly is. Sad in places, funny at times, but a good Saturday-afternoon movie.

Saturday night… Todd and Rachel’s engagement party at Candlelight Coffee House, lots of fun. A whole bunch of our friends were there – John and Mica, Mike and Anna, Jesse, Meagan, Todd and Rachel (of course). Their families are a lot of fun, too. We spent most of the evening lounging around the tables on the patio, drinking whatever we were drinking (their mango iced tea was AWESOME!) and debating what to do next. Around 11pm, we debarked from Candlelight, John and Mica headed back to Uvalde, and the rest of us 20-somethings walked down to Joey’s, a little farther down St. Mary’s. We discovered a plethora of pool tables, as well as a shuffleboard table, so we divided into groups of four and played one game, then another. So much fun… it was, as Rachel would later say, the perfect place at the time, the right amount of people… everyone got to play on a team with someone and enjoyed themselves whether they were drinking or not.

Sunday… Having stayed up too late, I slept in Sunday morning and then went to pick up a prescription. I picked up around the house, downloaded Firefox and started downloading the Google Pack, which is a really cool suite of software. I’m going to see if I can share my wedding photos with Mom via Picasa’s Hello application. We’ll see how it works out. Rachel came over and watched Memoirs of a Geisha, which was another sad but very beautiful movie… one of those where the colors really, really matter to the story, and they were well used. We talked a little bit afterwards as to whether the love affair was creepy or not (among other things) and then I asked her to stay for dinner. Ryan picked Todd up after work, and I made roast chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower. They hung out after dinner, we decided to go bowling, and discovered that the bowling alley near our place had cosmic bowling at 10:30. We sat around and played some Xbox, but it turns out, if you want to do cosmic bowling, you have to get there at 10pm… every lane was full! Damn! So we took our socks and went to University Bowl down I-10, with just enough time to play a game and drink a pitcher of beer. It was so much fun to spend time with them and talk about growing up, having kids, how life is changing and how it’s staying the same…

Today I have been staying pretty busy… I feel like I just got to work, but it’s already time to go to lunch! The morning has just flown by… but I have been quite productive, I think.

Hasta luego, y’all.


4 responses to “weekend update

  1. Sarah-

    I was wondering if you could flickr the photos from the party so we can all share them.


  2. Hey dude…

    Would be happy to, but Ryan was taking all the pictures… maybe he’ll exercise his Flickr account a little bit. 🙂

    I’ll see that they are posted somewhere, though!

    Oh, and while I’ve got your attention… you should start a blog! I think the trek you and your wife are undertaking would be good reading. Plus, you could post stuff like, “We saw this great documentary that everyone should see…” so I wouldn’t have to remember it after a couple of beers.

    That is all. Thanks for reading!


  3. Grizzly Man


  4. I too enjoyed watching Memoirs of a Geisha. It is definitely a movie to watch with another female though. My mom and I watched it, and we both enjoyed it. But, thinking about trying to watch it with Paul, I could see where he might not follow everything. It was very intense though.

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