knock me a kiss

I have that cute little song from Swingers stuck in my head… “Knock Me A Kiss.” The one where Mikey is walking into his apartment after meeting the first girl and getting her phone number, and then calling her an uncomfortable amount of times. I like to think that girl later became the girl from the answering machine at the beginning of Everclear’s “Unemployed Boyfriend” – although her name is Peggy in the song, and Nikki in the movie. But same slightly bitchy tone. “Hi, this is Peggy. Leave me a nice message, or I’ll kill ya.”

Anyway, I have “Knock Me A Kiss” stuck in my head, for some reason. I tried this little trick I read in Janette’s Real Simple about using a piece of tape and sticking it to your lips so it pulls off the rough, dry skin before you put on lip gloss or lipstick and it looks smoother. I did it, and now I just want to kiss somebody… well, not just somebody. 🙂

Ryan and I actually got up and went to the gym this morning. We were up until midnight last night, and woke up at 6am, so now that I’m not rushing to get to work and I’m just sitting at my desk… I feel the sleepies setting in. Drat! It was nice to get up, though, and chug off 20 minutes on the elliptical machine at the gym, and still have time to take a shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup and STILL have time to eat a bowl of cereal. I hope we can make a habit of it.

Backing up to yesterday… I worked through lunch and took off a little early to go get my oil change and state inspection, then filled up the gas tank and drove to Meme’s to meet Ryan for dinner. We had a tasty spaghetti dinner… after dinner we went to HEB and picked up some groceries, then just chilled out at home. Ahhhhh. We got a different kind of gouda and a Stilton cheese with dried apricots… it was stronger than I expected it to be, but very tasty.

Hmm… we might be going to karaoke tonight (Rachel has an architecture exam on Saturday, so Friday night debauchery is out for her) so I’m not sure of the likelihood of going to the gym tomorrow morning. But I’m still planning on yoga tonight, so… we’ll see what happens, I s’pose!


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