a weekend of celebration

Highlight of this weekend, by far, was the somewhat-impromptu surprise party that Todd and I threw for Rachel and Ryan on Saturday night. Todd and Meagan had come over on Friday to hang out, sample dips that Meagan brought, drink beer, and generally immerse ourselves in one another’s company. We also watched Hitch, which was fairly entertaining, although we didn’t start it until about midnight, so it was a late, late night. But after Ryan went to bed, we started talking about putting together a mini-shindig the next evening, under the guise of making homemade pizza, possibly before going out.

So the next day, I picked up what I didn’t have for pizza (yeast, cheese, bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato sauce) and a party (balloons, streamers, party hats, cake mix & frosting, and numerical candles for “53,” Rachel and Ryan’s combined ages at their upcoming birthdays), while Todd supplied other stuff to top the pizza (proscuitto, artichoke hearts, pepperoni) and fill out the festivities (whoopee cushions, rubber chickens, beer). I went home, baked and frosted the cake, hid it in Janette’s room, and decorated the living/dining room with the balloons and streamers. Barker was not amused by the balloons as they expanded… he tried to save me from a grisly fate by barking at the balloons as I blew them up. Hailey seemed interested in the streamers as I strung them across the room.

I made the pizza dough and was letting it rise, when I got a text message from Ryan saying he was going to “shut down his computer and head home.” I panicked a little, as Rachel and Todd weren’t supposed to be there for about half an hour, and it takes Ryan about two minutes to get home from the station. Turns out, he hadn’t left the live shot spot yet.

Rachel and Todd arrived as scheduled, and I fitted them with party hats (that plainly said, “Happy Birthday”), but Rachel didn’t immediately catch on. I told her that we wouldn’t explain until Ryan got home. He did, about half an hour later, and we put a hat on him and then Todd and I revealed that the party was for them, since Rachel and Todd are leaving on Friday, before their birthdays, and we wanted to be able to celebrate together. They were all touched and stuff, and we started topping the pizzas (which turned out to be delicious, as always! nothing beats homemade pizza!).

We waited around for Meagan as long as we could, but decided to go ahead and bring out the cake… it was the white cake with colorful sprinkles, with white icing and more sprinkles (aka “party in a box/can)”. Meagan had some cake when she arrived a little later, and we all ended up watching pet-related programming on HGTV. It’s surprising how entertaining those sorts of shows can be, late at night… we were all amazed at the palatial pet pads on the shows, as well as some of the more affordable pet gadgets shown at a pet expo.

Yesterday was mostly confined to cleaning up the decorations and sleeping in… I did get in a little laundry and ran the dishwasher, too. Ryan got home a little after 7, and we ate dinner and spent some time together before he went to sleep around 10:30 (for a morning show shift that started at 3:30!). He’s supposed to be eating lunch with me today after he gets off work, so I’m excited about that. Maybe it will be a good start to his “weekend.”


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