pubbin’ with jawbreaker

Last night we went out to Sherlock’s Pub to see Jawbreaker with Todd, Rachel and Meagan. Ryan and I managed to get stuck in construction-induced traffic on 410 near San Pedro (imagine that, they’ve only been working on that for a million years!!) and so we didn’t get to the bar until almost 10pm. Luckily for us, the band took the stage early!

I was glad that we all got to see Jawbreaker one more time before Rachel and Todd leave… they took us to see them at the Hangar down on Broadway, I guess earlier in the spring or so. This band is fantastic… they play great covers of the stuff I listened to in high school… loud, rockin’ alternative-rock-type stuff that goes great with booze (which I was not aware of in high school… hm!) and they just put on a great show. Heather (the lead singer) is sassy and has an awesome voice, while drummer Kyle has a seemingly limitless amount of energy – he’s able to sing lead vocals on some songs as well as hammer out some great rhythm.

A little research on the ‘net turns up that Jawbreaker is sort of the side bar-band/wedding-band project of a band called Spin 66, which is the name under which they record original stuff. It would be interesting to check them out on their own sometime, but I do love hearing their covers. It just takes me back to another time while enhancing the present. Is that weird? Ah well, doesn’t matter.

We all had a great time last night, including a little ice-down-the-shirt-tossing and a conversation that started something like, “What if we all had trunks on our faces?” You can imagine how quickly that one went downhill. Ryan and I ended up staying a little later than I was hoping, because I was really tired… but once we were in the moment of being with our friends, I felt a lot better. I’m even okay today, although I didn’t make it to the gym this morning (or last night, for that matter).

I can’t believe that Rachel and Todd are leaving on FRIDAY. That’s so ridiculously soon. It seems like we’ve become so much closer to them this past year, and now… they have to leave! 😦 We talked last night about getting together around 4:30 Friday morning at their favorite Jim’s, before they have to get on a plane and head to New York. I think it’ll be a bittersweet breakfast.

On the way home, Ryan and I talked about the things we want to do before we have kids… he really, really wants to live in England. I don’t know if that’s for us, at least not right at this time… but maybe in the next couple of years! Who knows, if I move on at my job, I could apply for an overseas transfer… it might happen, one never can tell!

Tonight we’re going to Sandy’s for dinner… we still haven’t had Robin’s graduation celebration yet, though. Right now, it’s time to think about lunch… my stomach is growling so loud it’s rattling my cube, I think. Geez.


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