free to good home…

Oh man, I have GOT to stop reading the pet classifieds at Craiglist, because they make me so mad. It’s like the textbook of “how not to be a pet owner.” Consider the following profiles:

Bad Pet Owner #1. I don’t care who you are, even if you’re a backyard breeder, I just want a teeny designer dog that matches my purse.

Bad Pet Owner #2. Whoops! We forgot to spay our female, so now we have a litter of six puppies that we don’t want. (Imagine that!) It’s not our fault, that dog was a mut(t). We can’t give them to shelters, but hey… we don’t mind making a few bucks off of you!

Bad Pet Owner #3. I didn’t train my dog, because I have kids and I just don’t have time to understand the workings of the doggie mind. Why won’t this dog stop peeing on my carpet?? (Probably because you keep yelling at it to stop peeing on the carpet, instead of taking it outside.) Oh, and I live in a rental and I just can’t have the dog peeing on the floor in the rental.

Bad Pet Owner #4. We just can’t take care of our dog anymore and we feel guilty… please, please take him away so we aren’t ridden with guilt every time he looks at us with those big, sad eyes.

Bad Pet Owner #5. I home-breed sugar gliders and I’m looking to make a little money. *eye roll*

Bad Pet Owner #6. We need a birthday present for my kid and only a certain dog will do. For us. The kid would be happy heading down to the humane society and picking out a puppy, but we have standards, y’know.

Bad Pet Owner #7. Going through a crazy divorce and I can’t take care of my cat. (Note: cats are pretty self-sufficient, if you don’t have time to take care of your cat, who can you take care of?)

Bad Pet Owner #8. I have absolutely no idea what makes a good pet for a little girl, but bunnies are so cute!! Surely they won’t bite my granddaughter!

Bad Pet Owner #9. We loved Scooby-Doo but we just didn’t realize how damn big those Great Danes get!

Bad Pet Owner #10. Oh, our dog is so endearing that we have to get rid of her!


Luckily… there are some glimmers of hope for the animals of San Antonio…

Good Pet Person #1. We’ll take your unwanted fish off your hands. We know kids are irresponsible, but we’ll at least try to break the cycle.

Good Pet Person #2. I’m a vet who is at least trying to make unwanted dogs adoptable, at no small expense.

Good Pet Person #3. My poor doggie got sprayed with a skunk and I want to make him feel better!

Good Pet Person #4. We’re busy, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep our dog in a home.

Good Pet Person #5. We want to keep lost pets out of the shelter, so hopefully people will find their lost buddies at our new website.

Good Pet Person #6. We’re giving greyhounds a second chance!

Ummm…. sadly, that’s about all I can find. Too many posts about “I can’t take care of…” and sadly, way too many “I found a ____ dumped and I already have too many…” kudos to those people who are at least trying to save some of these unwanted animals.

I also saw a couple of posters that I hoped were able to find each other:

I am looking to adopt a long haired tuxedo kitten.” “I have for you an adorable tuxedo long haired kitten!” Match made in heaven, huh?

I would like to adopt a Great Dane.” And the poster I mentioned above whose new home is too small for their dog…

And finally… the post that cracked me up the most: the green Quaker parrot who can imitate a mockingbird. Doesn’t that mean that they can imitate a lot of other birds, too? 🙂 Just the way this ad is written is funny…. “he can say lorito… he likes corn on the cob…” By the way, I looked up “lorito” and it appears that means “little parrot.” Cute!

Okay, enough ranting… will write a more informational entry later. Honest!


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