popped your cherry-oke

Last night we had our last official going-out night with Todd and Rachel. We all met up at Charlie Brown’s for karaoke… it was the same place that Rachel, Meagan and I went to for the “anti-bachelor party” while the guys were out before Mike’s wedding.

The evening was a lot of fun… I sang “I Love Rock And Roll” again at Meagan’s behest, Ryan did “What Was I Thinkin’,” Todd did a Vines song that I had never heard but he screamed the hell out of it (which I think was how it was supposed to go). Ryan and I did “Speak,” a Nickel Creek song that we both love but that goes over like a ton of bricks in a bar. Eep. And Meagan, Ryan and I sang Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” to Todd and Rachel, with Ryan and Meagan giving a little expository spoken-word in the middle of it. Ha! And Todd and Ryan followed that up with “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” (“STAY!”)

In between our show-stopping performances (riiiiight), there were some other highlights – or lowlights… the skinny blonde girl who sang “What I Am” by Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians in a thin, wispy voice… the girl at the table next to us who sang really well (I can’t remember WHAT she sang though), then walked past our table and as we gave her a “good job,” she said, “That was my first time singing!” And when she’d taken her seat, I said, “She popped her cherry-oke!” Ahh, fun.

We finally left around 1:30… vowing to meet up again at 4:30 Friday morning for the last breakfast. Ryan wanted to go and do something tonight, but Rachel explained that they would be driving around and saying their last goodbyes to people that they haven’t seen much lately. So we have to settle for early-morning eggs. At least we have an excuse to get to bed early tonight… it has been a rough day due to the lack of sleep. (I took a shower when we got home to rid myself of the smoke smell, and then didn’t go to sleep until about 2:30… and woke up at 7. Oy.)

I’m thinking three-bean turkey chili for dinner tonight… one of those delightful throw-things-in-a-pot-cook-till-it’s-done dinners that is perfect for the way I feel right now. I even leaned against the window in the cafeteria and took a 20-minute nap during lunch today… which only moderately helped.

Hopefully we’ll have some pictures from tomorrow’s send-off breakfast. Maybe I’ll call around and get everyone to come in pajamas for maximum humor impact… or maybe I’ll wear makeup so as not to embarass myself in front of the 4:30 am crowd. 🙂


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