greasy send-off

Last breakfast
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Well… Rachel and Todd are gone.

Last night Todd came over and had a glass of wine, and he and Ryan looked at a scrapbook of photos from college. The three of us sat out on the patio and talked about the last-minute things they had been doing, whether they were ready to go, what they were expecting. He left around 10, and I went to bed shortly afterwards.

This morning, our alarm went off at 4am, and by 4:20 we were dressed and on our way to Jim’s at 410 and Broadway… Todd and Rachel’s high school hangout. Jesse was already there… he got there first after driving all the way down from San Marcos, and called Ryan to see if we were “pulling [his] leg” about having a 4:30am breakfast. Meagan arrived after we did, and finally Rachel and Todd got there. (Click here to view the few photos I took.)

Our waiter seemed kind of annoyed that we dared break the silence of the restaurant, but was kind about substitutions (chorizo in Meagan’s scrambled eggs, sausage and cranberry juice instead of bacon and orange juice for Ryan) despite the “no substitutions” on the menu. We sat and talked and laughed, until it was time for Rachel and Todd to get to the airport… Meagan cried, I wanted to cry, but mostly I just didn’t want to stop hugging them both.

I hope their trip went well, and I hope that they’re able to find an apartment very very soon. I hope that they enjoy their two years in New York… it seems like such a long time, but of course we were in Joplin for longer than that. And hey, now we have a real reason to go to New York, rather than just to be a tourist. It’s always nice to have people on the other end of your trip who are glad that you made the journey.


One response to “greasy send-off

  1. It’s always so sad when friends move away. . .and it’s really special to live near college friends–I miss it. Eventually, it seems, everyone kinda drifts away from the same city and state. . .hmmm, I guess I’m one of the first drifters. . .

    I hope they have a great time in NY. I’ve been wondering why they are going there. . .job? school?

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