disjointed entry because I don’t feel organized, so there!

This morning I was late for work… but it’s okay, I had a reason. I had to go meet with the good folks at Allstate who estimated that my car repairs would be… more than $800!! For a few little dents in the front of my car! Turns out… the adjuster thinks I need a new headlight. For what, I don’t know, since the headlight is neither crushed nor dented nor even scratched. (I think the half-inch thick crust of bug guts on it could have had something to do with it… just kidding, but there have been a lot of butterflies meeting their demise on my car this summer.) I know I’m supposed to trust them, but it’s hard to see why something that doesn’t seem to be damaged at all (even on the inside, where the adjuster pointed and said “It might be cracked”) should cost two-hundred-something bucks. I haven’t decided yet when I’m going to actually get it fixed, but I guess that I probably will at some point.

And can you believe Barry Manilow won an Emmy over Stephen Colbert??? …aahhhh, who gives a crap. 🙂

Saturday night we went to Zinc downtown for a going-away party for Stuart, Tanya, and Amanda (who are going to Dallas, CNN Espanol in Atlanta, and Oklahoma City respectively). Saw a lot of KENS folks that I hadn’t seen since Amanda’s wedding, and some that were at our wedding (but not for very long). I talked to Kurt, the news director, who told me no less than four times that if I ever wanted to come back to produce there, I’d be more than welcome. Flattering, but… no. Meagan came with us to the party and fell right in, chatting it up with all the TV folks. She crashed out on our couch that night, but left before I woke up Sunday.

Yesterday we took the dogs to the dog park on the South Side. I didn’t realize how far away it was from our house, but it was worth the drive! Barker was getting all riled up in the car, so I took Hailey inside the fence with all of the other dogs, and Ryan brought Barker to the outside of the fence where he could watch. At first, Ryan was having to sort of manhandle Barker to keep him from causing a ruckus, but then this guy came over and said that when Barker started barking and acting domniant, we needed to toss Barker on his back to show him that we’re the “big dogs” in the house. So the next time a dog came over and Barker started giving a ‘tude, Ryan picked him up and flipped him onto his back, and held him down. Barker looked pretty surprised, but I think after we do this again and again, he’ll start to get it. Unfortunately, Barker spent most of his visit to the dog park on his back, but I think it was good for him.

Meanwhile, Hailey was the life of the party… sniffing and getting sniffed, visiting little kids (including a 14-month-old, which did make me nervous… who brings a toddler to a dog park?!) and big burly grown-ups, chasing big dogs and getting chased by little ones, playing in the water, and just generally running around and having a good time. She’s so cool around other dogs… they’re just a curiosity to her, but at no point did she get aggressive or too rough. Even Eddie, the little Boston terrier that kept following her around, was never in danger of getting stepped on or sat on or eaten. 🙂 For all Barker’s trouble getting socialized to other dogs, Hailey is a pro. Had I known it would be like this, I’d have suggested getting two dogs at the same time. I think, in the future, that we should always have at least two animals together… just so they can become socialized to each other. And I would also have not been so apologetic for Barker’s barking, and so reluctant to bring him around other dogs… because it’s so necessary for him to just get used to it. I’m glad that we learned the “turtle-dog” maneuver from the dude at the park.

Today has been steadily busy, for the most part… my boss is working from home, having just returned from delivering his daughter to college in New England. But it’s been no day off… I’ve churned out a presentation and have put some more work into a project plan. Whew!

Tonight’s the big graduation party for Robin… Sandy has offered to let us sleep at her house if we decide to stay late, but I don’t know how I feel about it… I’ve got to go to work in the morning, and I think it might be a long drive in the morning. But we’ll feel it out, I guess. I suppose I should take a change of clothes with me, just in case.


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