long-haired woman

One of the girls in my office remarked this morning about how much my hair has grown. Yeah, I guess it has… I haven’t had my hair cut since a few weeks before the wedding.

What is it about marriage that seems to make girls want to grow out their hair? The wedding itself (and desire for an updo that would put Holly Golightly to shame)? Or just some feminizing hormone that goes all crazy when you say “I do” (or “I will,” in my case)?

The overarching hair pattern for girls (in the broadest strokes) seems to be this – grow up in pigtails and ponytails, have crazy hair in high school, experiment (maybe) with short hair in college (a la Felicity or me), and then grow your hair out again and become Daddy’s Little Girl for your wedding. And then, when you have kids, chop it all off again because those little tykes won’t stop pulling it.

Am I falling into this follicle pattern? Does it, um, matter? I just wonder these things sometimes, that’s all.

Robin’s party was cool last night… well, temperature-wise, it was pretty warm. But a lot of family and friends put in an appearance, and we had barbecue and all the sides, and so… can’t complain! Got home at almost 11, took a shower, and read for about half an hour before going to sleep. Looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my husband tonight.

Oh yeah – speaking of being at home – Rachel and Todd found an apartment in New York and they’re picking up the keys today! Hooray!! I’m sure I speak for darn near everyone who knows them when I say… we are SO relieved. 🙂


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