evening as homebodies

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Ryan and I spent the whole evening together yesterday, which was lovely… when I got home from work, we watched a little news and then decided to go check out a house that our realtor (and I say that in the most casual sense imaginable) had emailed to us earlier. We loaded the dogs in the car and drove by the house, and it was cute enough – quite cute, really! – but then we saw that the neighborhood farther back was a bit shabby, and we started to notice the spots where graffiti had been cleaned off of fences and still existed on the signs for the elementary school. It all made us a little sad.

We drove through another neighborhood and saw some nice but pricey houses – pricey in that, if we had, say, another full-time job between us we could probably afford them, but we’d never be able to enjoy them. Not worth it, in my opinion.

Ryan decided to stop by HEB on the way home to pick up some chicken and wine for dinner, and while he ran in the store, the dogs and I stayed in the car. Barker was mostly sitting up and people-watching, wagging and whining a little bit as all assortment of people walked by. But eventually he settled down, and he and Hailey seemed like they might fall asleep, using each others’ butts for pillows.

Ryan made black bean chicken for dinner, which was very tasty, and we had a gin and tonic and then split a bottle of St. Genevieve Texas Red. Just doing our part to conserve water during this drought.

I am currently hearing a girl in the office right behind me talking on the phone with the girl in the office next to her (slightly behind me). Um… that seemed ridiculous. I rarely, if ever, dial the folks I work with here in San Antonio. I mean… they’re right here!! But it seems in this office, it’s a popular thing to do. I regularly hear both sides of a conversation, sometimes in stereo, as everyone makes calls across the room, and they’re both on speakerphone. Man, that’s annoying.

The weather was lovely yesterday afternoon… and by lovely, I mean cool and a little rainy. We need a ton of rain around these parts, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to get what we need anytime soon.

Rachael is coming in this Friday, and I’m really excited! Janette’s also coming in on Sunday (both are staying till Monday) so we can do a little birthday celebrating for Ryan. He gave me a little bit of crap about my birthday celebrations going on for a month… his are starting to shape up that way, but I like it. It’s fun to keep celebrating with different people!


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