post-lunch blather

I am SO dissatisfied with lunch today in the cafeteria. I had chicken tacos, because I thought it sounded good, but they were NOT good. NOT AT ALL. I didn’t finish them, but I did finish the rice that came with it… that was okay. And I am still enjoying my Diet Dr Pepper. But why did I get Mexican food from a cafeteria, after the enchilada incident of 1985? (It was kindergarten, I lost my lunch… we’ll just put it that way.) And haven’t I learned that the best Mexican food doesn’t come from anything as institutional as Aramark?

I have purchased Ryan’s birthday gifts online, but now I have to wait for them to get here and then hide them away. I can’t post what I got for him, because then it won’t be a surprise!! Suffice to say that I did some research and I think they’ll be well-received…

Woke up this morning with a sore right foot/ankle. Ryan and I went for a walk with the dogs last night, but I don’t think that caused it because it wasn’t a very long walk at all. It’s gotten a little better over the course of the day but it still hurts… mostly when I point it out to the right, but also just in the act of walking. Sucks! I can’t figure out why it’s like this… it’s a strange pain, not like a sore muscle or like I need to pop a joint or a Charlie horse or something. Just this dull ache.

I wanna do something tonight, but I don’t know what. Get a haircut, maybe. Just a little one, to even up the ends a bit and make me look less messy… maybe it will cut down on the foofy factor.


One response to “post-lunch blather

  1. So are you teasing Ryan by saying you purchased his gifts and not giving any hints. :>)Hope your ankle gets better.

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