this makes me sick…

This dumbass on craigslist has just hacked me off for the afternoon…

I hate hate hate, in no uncertain terms, people who write solely about the bloodlines/color/SIZE of pit bulls.

This poor puppy probably doesn’t have a chance unless some gentle soul has a mind to adopt him, neuter him, and keep him out of the fighting environment into which he has certainly been born.

Just a little nugget of joy on the Gotti/Razors Edge bloodline – check this site out. Really makes me want to just throw up.


One response to “this makes me sick…

  1. Really random question:
    I had asked Miriam to play oboe in my wedding and now she can’t do it. Is there any way I could twist y’all’s (totally a word) arm to come to Houston for my wedding and get you to play two pretty simple pieces. I would pay you…

    I’m kind of in a bind here and I don’t want to have to start with HS musicians and the like. I want someone who I can trust.

    Again, totally random. What do you think?

    e-mail me:


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