warning: a bit whiny

Last night was supposed to be the kickoff to Happy Hour League, but I got sweet-talked into going up to San Marcos with my darling husband instead. But in my defense, it’s his birthday week (no, we can’t keep the celebrations to one day in our family) and the girl I invited from work couldn’t go and it was raining and I’m starting to feel sick anyway. Plus, Ryan bought dinner… how can I complain?

I’m feeling kind of rough today… I started feeling bad last night while we were at the bowling alley, headachey (with balls hitting pins? no way!) and sore-throaty and cold (while everyone else was hot). I took some Nyquil when we got home and slept very well, but this morning I don’t really feel much better so I don’t think it was just the bowling alley. Probably just a cold… I’m getting a little stuffy and the throat is more sore today. I guess I should just suck it up and get on with life but I just wanna go home and sleep it off.

I don’t really feel much like writing right now. Suri Cruise is cuter than I thought she’d be, and while I don’t really care I must admit that I was curious. Katie Couric was pretty good on the evening news, although Morgan Spurlock annoyed me (even though I agreed with him). I hate setting up meetings with busy executives. And I want to hit the (Nyquil) bottle again.


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