The changing of seasons in Texas means new pollens and assorted other crap in the air, and instead of gradually adjusting, my body protests by going into lockdown. After the recent cool front, my nose seized up, my throat hurt, and my eyes watered, itched, and swelled up. I love this weather, but I hate feeling this way!

Yesterday I bailed out of work around noon and came home to recuperate a little bit. I thought that I had a stash of Benadryl somewhere, but I couldn’t find any. Instead, I took some Nyquil and slept for about three hours, until the dogs’ whining and pawing woke me up. I was grouchy when I took them out, which I always feel bad about, but then I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Ryan had to do a story in Kerrville yesterday, which meant he didn’t get home until almost 8:00. We had stir-fry for dinner and I made a German chocolate cake – aren’t we the multicultural bunch? – and whiled away some time watching Friends. We spent the bulk of the evening working on a fun little video and I didn’t get to sleep until almost 1am… so I’m kinda tired right now. I woke up to find that Ryan had done some cleaning before he went to bed… which I of course feel guilty about… since I invited over some friends before we go to dinner for his birthday tonight.

Got to work to find that my new monitor filter and literature holder (to hold paper while I’m typing from it) had arrived from Staples. Yay! I love getting supply orders in… it’s just like Christmas. šŸ™‚ Today looks to be moderately busy but not hectic. I’m looking forward to tonight’s birthday outing for Ryan, and hopefully a few people will be able to make it in. Tomorrow we’re going to Sea World… and Beer School! Yay!


3 responses to “allergies

  1. Totally random factoid that I learned recently: German chocolate cake isn’t even German! It actually came from a recipe on the back of German chocolate, which was a brand of baking chocolate back in the day. Who knew? The same goes for Caesar salad, which is about as Roman as Roman candles. It originated in a restaurant in a fancy Mexican hotel, believe it or not.

  2. Wishful thoughts

    Fun little vides???? hmmmm makes a girl wonder, or maybe its been to long since I’ve gone out! hehe!!

    Anyhow, hope you both have a fantastic evening, and a great celebratory birthday for Ryan. who knows, I have a 6am flight, I might give him a fantastic wake up call by singing happy birthday in with all my natural singing talent…just kidding, even I’m not that cruel.

    Have a great eve, and hope you feel better.

    I went out for sushi dinner and am now facing 2 hours of reports….am contemplating not going to bed at all as it will be 3:30 am b?4 I know it and I have to drive from Dayton to Columbus international airport for my flight…..we will see.

    Love ya!

  3. As pretty as it is here, I REALLY miss fall in Texas. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year – that’s why we are getting married in October. And there’s just something about Fall in Texas – I guess because it’s so hot for so long, there’s something magical about those crisp mornings and the few glimpses of changing leaves. Here on the mountain, the leaves are already changing and I love it, but I find myself already taking it for granted. In Texas, you just don’t do that. You take it all in…

    ENJOY IT! And feel better! šŸ™‚

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