the boss show!

My boss is entertaining today. Not because he’s telling jokes or anything, but… and I feel bad saying it… he isn’t so great with the computer stuff. So he’s been calling me into his office a lot and asking questions and being exaggeratedly frustrated, but in a lighthearted sort of way, not in a truly cranky sort of way. It certainly makes my job easier.

For all of the rain we haven’t had in the past three months, we certainly got a lot yesterday. So much, in fact, that the lights went out at work four times, and Ryan had a water-induced headache kind of day. I got a few calls throughout the day that chronicled two leaks – one in our bathroom through the air conditioner vent, and one in the ceiling seam where the hallway to Janette’s wing meets the living room. Then the second leak spread into the (hardwired) smoke detector, so Ryan had to make a call to maintenance (in addition to the earlier one he’d made to report the leaks in the first place) to get them to shut off the beeping. Long story short – the roof over our building is leaking, and evidently has been for some time (into the guy’s apartment above us). And they can’t get the roofers out to work on it until it stops raining. We have a chance of rain today, as well as a disheveled bathroom and a stained ceiling in the living room. At least we don’t own the place… finally, the upside to renting!

Last night was enjoyable, even though I had a rotten headache after work for some reason. When I got home, we went to Alamo Music and picked our way through a bunch of picks, and picked out a few (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Ryan also got us a couple of Mel Bay chord books, one for guitar and one for mandolin, so that we could learn how to play the chords with the right fingers on the right strings. I now realize I was playing G major incorrectly, but I’d rather re-learn it now than face the frustration when it comes to playing changes down the road. Ugh.

After the music store, we hit up Oak Hills Lanes to look for bowling swag for Ryan… but they didn’t have much of a selection. So we drove down the road to University Bowl’s pro shop, where Ryan picked out a bowling ball, bag, and shoes with his birthday money. The ball is nice – it’s a bluish swirly thing. Custom-drilled for his left hand! (Now, I need to get Mom to embroider him a patch for his bowling bag with his name on it!)

Tonight is Happy Hour League night… and I am definitely going today. I feel bad, but watching three guys bowl is not my idea of a fun evening. I like bowling, when I’m doing it. But it’s so not a spectator sport! So ditching my “league night” last week was not the most entertaining thing ever… besides, I think Ryan would really have more fun with just Mike and Jesse. Who knows, maybe it’ll just be our weekly reminder that we really do love spending time together… the ol’ “absence makes the heart grow fonder” thing.


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  1. Oh… and thank you for a beautiful birthday — my wonderful bride.

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