happy hours

Well… since we were “rained out” last week, yesterday was the inaugural outing of the Happy Hour League. After I had dinner with Ryan at home, I went to Sherlock’s to meet Tangra and Meagan for drinks. I did talk to Veronica on the phone in the afternoon to see if she could make it, but I didn’t ever hear a final answer from her and she ended up not coming. Meagan, actually, was fairly late because she got mixed up and went to the place where we were supposed to be last week.

The three of us settled in and basically just chatted about work, home, our majors, our non-scholarly college pursuits, etc. We also had an intermittent conversational interest in a guy that Meagan thought was cute, but he was sitting next to a woman who had to be in her 40s (and had to be a stripper, judging from her questionable wardrobe choices/bosom of dubious authenticity… yes, I said judging!). So for a while we chatted about her light-up shoes and weird shirt, until a woman who had to be in her 60s walked by in a black bustier and white A-line skirt. Whoa. Can’t top that.

It was nice to visit with them, because I only know Tangra from work. She’s been married for 5 years, and her husband works nights, so we commiserated on having a different schedule than our significant others. Just reminded me how excited I am to know that Ryan will be off on Sundays starting in October!

Speaking of October… we’re trying to plan a little trip up to Sherman to visit my folks over Columbus Day weekend, since we’re both off on Sunday and Monday. Wouldn’t be a long visit, just enough for Ryan to get to meet some people at my parents’ church and hang around in my hometown. He hasn’t gotten to do that much… plus, there’s a whole bunch of stuff there now that wasn’t there when I was in high school! I’m excited about it, though – I haven’t been up to Sherman since my shower in May.

Have got to get to the gym this evening… my goal is to go home, change in a hurry, go and get it done with, since I really hate it. I guess the solution may be to not give myself an opportunity to sit and be cranky about it. Other than that, I want to watch last night’s Dancing With The Stars that Ryan recorded, since we were both out. It’s just as well that neither of us were home… it’s so tempting to watch, and yet so much more fun to watch with him. 🙂


One response to “happy hours

  1. You haven’t had a shower since May? Sweet!

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