dinner and dancing

Last night was a little… eh. I got home, updated the iPod, and went to the gym to get a little time in on the elliptical. On the way in, I saw a woman carrying her yoga mat, and I almost wanted to go to yoga class. But I really wanted to just get in and out of there last night, and get home to spend some time with Ryan.

Except he ended up working late. D’oh! I waited and waited to make dinner, finally decided to start cooking around 8pm. (I made chicken, broccoli and potatoes with peanut sauce and rice noodles… it turned out to be pretty good and VERY filling.) By 8:30, he still hadn’t gotten home. I had tried calling/messaging/etc., but he wasn’t answering his phone… so I didn’t know if he was in a bad mood or hurt or what… the last time I’d talked to him, he was on the road. So I got in the car and was driving up to the station to make sure his car was there and he hadn’t gotten in an accident, when I got a message from Ryan, then another, then another. He had been editing a story and just hadn’t had his phone with him. I was a little cranky about it but mostly just felt stupid and overreactionary…

So after another half hour or so, he finally got home. I had to reheat dinner but decided to just let the late work night and the not letting me know part slide… he was okay, and it’s not that big of a deal, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Had brief discussions of going out for sushi tomorrow night, and Thai Pikul is giving 15% off and complimentary dessert Mondays-Thursdays in September for their 1 year anniversary. Yay for them! Maybe we’ll go on Monday, who knows. I’m excited about settling in for a good weekend with my hubby… Jazz’SAlive is this weekend and I think we’re gonna try to go at least one or two nights.

So last night we FINALLY watched both Tuesday night’s Dancing With The Stars and the end of Wednesday’s DWTS results show, which we managed to do quickly because we skipped the commercials, almost all of Samantha’s backstage idiotic lip-flapping (good grief, I can’t stand that girl), and basically the entirety of the Wednesday show except for the end where they actually say who got booted. Soooo… this season looks like it’s going to be just as good as last season, although some of the folks are already shaping up to be sort of the same as last year…

  • Tucker Carlson, the first one off this season = Kenny Mayne last year, as the horribly inept/annoyingly goofy broadcaster
  • Jerry Springer = George Hamilton, as the aging yet endearing guy with the props and funny costumes (Bruno even said that Jerry must have gone to the “George Hamilton School of Dance”)
  • The Miss America chick (Shanna Moakler) = Tatum O’Neill, cute but with a big butt and moderately talented yet sort of forgettable
  • Mario Lopez = Joey Lawrence = Drew Lachey, teen heartthrob (former in Joey’s case) who expresses surprise that he can dance yet, WHOA, he can
  • Sara Evans = Gisele Fernandez, cute and decent but will probably go out about halfway through after discovering her hidden talent
  • Emmitt Smith = Jerry Rice, DUH, but Emmitt may peak too early!
  • Harry Hamlin = Master P, paired with Ashly (poor girl, two duds in a row!), has bad rhythm and heavy feet
  • Vivica A. Fox = Tia Carrere, actress who displays aplomb and grace but probably won’t stay forever

Willa Ford (“the bad girl of pop” whom I have NEVER HEARD OF) and Monique Coleman (from High School Musical, which I have never seen) look to do fairly well, and kudos for them for coming on the show before they are overexposed wannabes, instead of after. ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, Tom Bergeron is silly and is sort of filling the void left by Bob Schieffer, although they don’t do the same thing at all… he seems to be having a lot of fun doing this, and he makes lame jokes that are funny anyway. And the judges are great, I’m glad they’ve kept the same panel. They went into their schtick early this season, Bruno already displaying a sort of sugar-crazed mania.

And not to make this too long-winded, but Maksim is WAY too in love with himself, and needs to be less greasy. Yikes.

I’ll probably watch Wednesday’s full broadcast (minus commercials and Samantha, of course) on Saturday while I’m off, even though (or because?) Tom Jones is on. Ha!


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