cruising into fall

Fall is almost here – I think it begins on the 21st, just a few short days away. I am more than ready to wear sweaters, drink red wine, and do other things that mean the weather is FINALLY cooling off.

Had a pretty nice, relaxing weekend that included doing all of the laundry (although I realized this morning that I hadn’t yet folded the last load… but it did make it into the dryer), watching entirely too many episodes of Three’s Company (which is starting to grow on me after all these years), shopping and picking up some fall-smelling candles (Cinnamon Apple, yummy!) at Big Lots on Saturday, going to Jazz’SAlive with Ryan last night, and visiting my in-laws yesterday as well.

Jazz’SAlive was enjoyable enough, but would have been more so if we’d gotten there sooner, brought chairs with us, and had felt compelled to buy a couple of $4 beers. Dianne Reeves was fun to watch, though, and Ryan and I shared a few private jokes that made the hour or so that we were there worth the $5 in parking.

After we left, we called Sandy and opted to go visit her since we were already downtown. We swung by Starbucks to pick up some coffee… Ryan got the seasonal pumpkin latte, and I got my usual (mocha light Frap with a shot of peppermint, which they insist on calling a “Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee Beverage,” blah! so much better my way), and we picked up a caramel macchiato for Robin. We whiled away some time gabbing around the kitchen table, and when Meme arrived after a Dairy Queen outing with her friends, we all went back to the computer to show her the wedding photos she hadn’t seen yet. Also spent a little time outside on the porch watching the rain, which came down pretty heavily for a little while. Ahhh, that really means fall is almost here..

Oh, I failed to mention that Saturday night Ryan and I went to Flying Saucer so he could finally get his free birthday beer. He got a Maresdous 10, a Belgian beer served in a fancy snifter… I think he’s now all about the Belgians, but those are unfortunately some of the pricier beers on their menu (which is why he chose that one for his freebie). Still, if he’s gonna complete his 200 beers tasted, he’s going to have to drink them eventually! He should be up to 61 after Saturday… and I think we’re going to go tonight, also. It sucks that he can only count 3 per night, as between the two of us we usually manage 4 or 5. But I guess he’s supposed to be the one tasting them. 🙂

I’ve ordered a Bluetooth-USB adapter for our computer at home, and I’m hoping we can work it to where we can use our data plan on our Treos to use the Internet. It can’t be slower than Juno, and if it works it will save us about $30 a month – I will certainly be giving both Juno and The Artist Formerly Known as SBC the boot. I know $30 isn’t a lot, but hey… that’s $360 a year, which would pay for… ah, let’s face it, it’s $30 a month.

That’s all the news I have for today… can’t wait to head home and enjoy the evening with my darling husband.


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  1. I love Belgian beers!!

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