why I love Garrison Keillor

Ahhh, this guy is a genius. Maybe it’s the chill in the air up north. (Note: you may have to watch an ad to get to Salon if you don’t have an account, like I had to.)

“You want to know what I think? Members of Congress should leave town. Move north to where they can feel the crisp chill breeze of reality. Maybe a place in the middle of the country, along the Mississippi River. Let D.C. keep the Pentagon, the White House, the statuary, the vast marble and granite sheds of the federal bureaucracy, and move our nation’s deliberative bodies to a place with a clearer view. There is plenty of land available along the Mississippi, rolling hills, woods, meadows. No need to spend money on a dome and pillars — just pitch two big circus tents, one for the House, one for the Senate, bring in FEMA trailers for housing, and let’s see if we can’t get more work out of these people.”

I promise, later today, less pasty-paste, more writey-write. Just a little slow waking up this morning as I read through things.


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