weekend review

Had a pretty good weekend… lazy in that good way.

Friday night we skipped dinner and went to Sage at the Fairmount Hotel downtown to hear Ken Slavin. We got some bread and mozzarella with tomato, basil and olive oil to munch on, and some wine to sip on… Meagan met us a little bit after we got there. We were seated by Ken himself at the tiniest table ever, right up next to the band, where we got a front-row seat to the ins and outs of the show… including Ken rifling through his sheet music stash for “Blame It On My Youth,” which he played for us on my birthday eve. (He didn’t find it, but he and the guys did fake their way through it nicely for us!) My only complaint about Sage is that despite (or because of) the great atmosphere, the lovely view of Hemisfair Park, and the cool bartender, that place is DAMN EXPENSIVE. No wonder we hadn’t been back in over two months.

Saturday I got up when Ryan left, took the dogs out, and then realized Ryan had forgotten his lunch. So I drove up to the station to bring it to him. After I finally got it in his hands, I stopped by Starbucks for a Frap and then drove around the neighborhood for a little bit, exploring a couple of roads I wasn’t familiar with. Found The Irish Pub on Datapoint, which I believe is a future stop on the Happy Hour League tour! Looked small but I bet it’s homey inside. Also saw Planeta Bar-Rio, which looked all too huge and scary. Avoiding that at all costs, not like I am confronted with invitations to go there or anything…

In the afternoon, I discovered a program for the Treo called USBModem that allows me (or Ryan, or Janette, or any Treophile with an unlimited data plan) to connect to the Internet at much higher than dial-up speeds via the USB cable. Wahoo! I’m kicking Juno’s ass AND AT&T’s ass collectively to the curb after all, even though I wasn’t able to make the Bluetooth adapter work the way I envisioned. Oh well. Still working off the trial version of USBModem right now, but this program will definitely be worth $25 if it continues to operate the way it has been.

Saturday night we opted to stay in because of the threat of heavy showers along the I-35 corridor… so we didn’t want to go to San Marcos for poker and then get stuck, when Ryan has to work Sunday mornings (he’s almost done with that, though!). Instead, we ate dinner at home – baked salmon with loaded mashed red potatoes and green beans – and went to Brindle’s for some gelato. I had the Grand Marnier (which tasted like one of those chocolate oranges at Christmas, except chilly and creamy and AWESOME) and another one I can’t pronounce (basically cream gelato with chocolate flecks). Ryan tried three different kinds, but for some reason I can only remember that he got mango sorbet and two kinds of gelato. I am really loving Brindle’s… it’s a lovely place for a little weekly date with my husband. We even spotted a guy in a TLU soccer shirt. I wanted to go talk to him, but Ryan wouldn’t let me. Ah well, it probably would have been awkward and pointless anyway. 🙂

Sunday, I spent fiddling with the Internet-via-Treo some more, and also scouted jobs in North Texas… just in case. Somehow ended up with CMT on through at least three episodes of Foxworthy’s Big Night Out or whatever it’s called… like SNL meets Hee Haw, but for only half an hour. When Ryan got home, we took the dogs to the dog park so they could run off some energy… they had a great time despite getting REALLY dirty (Hailey especially… she ran through the big swath of mud and then took a dirt bath). As it got dark, a couple of dogs started getting testy – very rare for the park – and so we decided to leave.

After the dog park, we put the dirty dogs in their kennels and went to Pei Wei for dinner and then grabbed a couple of beers at Flying Saucer. We’ve now exhausted all of their Texas pints, so I think we’ll have to stop going on Sundays so we can make better use of our resources to go through 200 beers for Ryan’s UFO Club membership. I think last night put him/us at 68 beers… more than a third done!

When we got home, we bathed the dogs. Afterwards, Ryan surfed for a little while and I took a shower and read from Pride and Prejudice – I really do love getting the book on my phone via email, by the way! Went to sleep a little after midnight… didn’t want to get up this morning but, well, it’s Monday and that’s what has to be done!

Time to head off to lunch!


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