it took a few hours, but we got happy

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Well, Happy Hour League last night definitely turned into a competitive sport… Meagan and I versus rude waitstaff.

We were slated for Martini’s, over on McCullough behind North Star Mall. I got there around 7:30, and I knew Meagan was going to be a little while (she had an event downtown). Ordered a beer after finally getting the bartender’s attention from the other five patrons in the joint ($2.50 Miller Lite is a SPECIAL? Man, I’ve gotta get out more often) and then sat back to listen to the middle aged dudes ramble their way through boring, obscenity peppered stories about life as a salesman.

Meagan arrived and we opted to leave, as the place was more dead than the salad bar at a fried chicken stand. We decided to go to Bennigan’s, on the other side of San Pedro, to try our luck with drinks there. They did have a decent $3 Blue Hawaiian, but somehow it wasn’t hitting the spot. Meagan picked up some tasty appetizers but again, we encountered an inattentive and VERY mumbly bartender… on the rare occasion he stopped by our table, we had to have him repeat everything several times. In fact, I really thought that he had said the Blue Hawaiian was $2, which was why I ordered it. Damn! (Of course, when he came to collect, he stated the price *very* clearly.)

Finally, we decided to abandon ship and went to Dad’s Sing-A-Long, a dive-looking karaoke bar next door to Goro’s Sushi that Ryan and I have always seen but never had the courage to venture into. Turns out… this place is a blast! Lively crowd for a Tuesday night (I bet it gets packed in there on weekends), including a birthday party, several typical serious karaoke loner-types, a couple of other girls out like Meagan and me, a funny group of guys and several couples just out having a good time on a weeknight.

The best part about this place – at least last night – was that when you put your first song in, the host puts you up almost right away… so you don’t have to wait for two hours to sing your first song! I did “The Rose,” which would have been okay except I had to follow a guy that did “Jump Jive An’ Wail.” But I got some pretty good applause, which was encouraging enough. 🙂

Next time around took about an hour or so, but Meagan and I did “I Love Rock & Roll,” which is becoming a standard that I may have to stop singing… I’m starting to get a little teensy bit tired of it. Meagan went up a little while later and did “Faith” – yes, the George Michael song! She got some help from one of the other gals, who was seated in the front row. I thought Ryan was going to come out for a little bit after he finished bowling, but he decided to skip out and go to HEB for salsa supplies (he does have his priorities, heehee). Before I knew he wasn’t coming, though, I decided to go ahead and sign up for another song. Meagan and I closed it out with Shania’s “I’m Outta Here,” which was a good one… mid-tempo, not too high, and in an interesting key that suited both of us well. Didn’t know the song very well but I think we got through it fine.

Didn’t get out of there till almost 12:30. I stayed up with Ryan for a little while… we chatted while he made salsa, and then I took a shower to wash the smoke out. He talked to Todd on the phone for a while and I sort of half-watched Roseanne, and was motioned to head off to bed by Ryan around 1:45.

So I’m running on about 5 hours’ sleep today, but I’m looking forward to a cozy evening at home with Dancing With The Stars and Ryan. I say that every Wednesday, don’t I? What can I say… it’s one of the highlights of my week!


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