one more thing…

Self-portrait of Treo
Originally uploaded by sarahsmileTX.

I am really digging reading Garrison Keillor’s columns at Salon. Today’s is about cellphone cameras. As the proud owner of a Treo which lets me snap pictures and post them to my blog immediately, if I wanna, I may be a bit of the purveyor of this trend. But Keillor says that it’s not necessarily a bad thing… that the proliferation of cell phone cameras means that they’re going to catch more of the problems that perhaps would otherwise go without notice.

Anyway, it’s not just about that… it’s an interesting look at photographs and how we look at the world, in general. Worth a few minutes of reading. (Oh, and don’t forget, you have to click the ad to read the column – and the rest of Salon – for free.)


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