pics from Kinky’s rally

Just wanted to slap up the (not good quality) cell phone pics I snapped at the Kinky Friedman rally at Flying Saucer on Monday…

Kinky speaks
Kinky delivering his message to the crowd

Addressing the crowd
“They only tackle you when you’ve got the ball!”

I thought it was interesting that there were all sorts of people there… guys in suits…

Diverse crowd
…older ladies in pink cowboy hats (okay, just one of those), college students…

Radio support
…and KTSA’s Chris Duel, of course…

T-shirts and such
Lots of t-shirts, hats, and other stuff for sale to be autographed

Aggie for Kinky
Cool shirt I saw… the front said “Aggie for Kinky,” proving that they can be smart 😉

The crowd
A general shot of the crowd in the main room; Kinky is huddled somewhere in the back left signing stuff (“everything but bad legislation!”)


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