halloween on the brain

Okay, I know October doesn’t start until Sunday, but I am already thinking about what I want to be for Halloween. And I know I’m 26 and should have grown out of this, like, years ago… but I think it’s fun to dress up.

A roundup of the past few years:

  • 2002: Mother Nature. Brown dress, grapevine wreath crown, pale green tulle sash, assorted leaves and stuff.
  • 2003: I don’t remember what I was, actually. Must have been quite impressive. I remember we were living in the duplex in Joplin by then and we had a party…
  • 2004: Little Red Riding Hood. First attempt at sewing a costume, resulted in red poofy skirt (intended) and ill-fitting hooded cape (unintended). Didn’t finish white shirt or lace-up vest. Oh well.
  • 2005: Not A Happy Camper. Painted a t-shirt to look like a camp shirt, then singed and poked holes in it, wore khaki shorts, boots, and topped it off with calamine lotion spots and fake blood. Plus sticks in my hair. In hindsight, maybe I looked like Allergic, Accident-Prone Camper Who Was Doing Something Naughty In The Woods.

A few of my childhood costumes included such parentally-contrived/assisted oddities as Super Pickle (dressed in green, complete with cape), a bunch of grapes (wore swimsuit with tights, plus a bunch of purple ballooons attached all over… to a school carnival… that was chilly), and a beekeeper (white painter-looking jumpsuit, HUGE straw hat with tulle attached at the brim, fake homemade – by me! – pompom bees glued to the tulle). Plus a couple of witches and stuff thrown in for good measure.

Now, I’m sure you can tell that I don’t like dressing up in store-bought costumes, preferring to make at least part of my costume and especially preferring to be something that I KNOW that someone else isn’t going to see that day.

My first instinct for this year’s costume was to go after a sort of St. Pauli Girl-esque beer broad, but that may hit a little too close to home. 😉 Plus, Wurstfest is in November… which I fully intend to attend with an easygoing enthusiasm for the Chicken Dance. (And I’m not taking my beer to the dance floor this time, after last year’s little slipping-and-falling-on-my-butt incident.) Plus, that would involve a lot of sewing and stuff, which wouldn’t be so bad if sewing didn’t involve dragging out my sewing machine and spreading cut-out pattern matter all over the place, which I’m sure my husband would love.

So I’m heading over to Costume Idea Zone, which was where I found the Not A Happy Camper idea, to browse through some of their offbeat make-your-own costume ideas. I love this site, if only for the amusement of imagining what some of the costumes would look like!


2 responses to “halloween on the brain

  1. I’ve told this story many times, but my parents once made me a scarecrow. Simple enough, very “fall,” very cute. BUT, they tried to make me a little too authentic and they put a broomstick behind my head and slung my arms over it. So, I had to turn sideways just to go through the doorways to get my damn candy. AND, they stuffed my overalls full of straw. Talk about itchy!

  2. Were you a lady bug in 2003? I know there was some pillow-y ladybug thing you made that ended up being Barkers pillow. I saw Christmas shit in the grocery store today, so I don’t think you’re rushing Halloween.

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