The trip to Sherman is getting closer and closer! Ryan and I are both really excited about going to visit my folks, and we’re also both excited about his interview on Monday for an anchor job with one of the TV stations up there. Woo! I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I have a good feeling about it…

Just talked to Jake; he and Jen are moving into a house this week in Denison. They’d been staying in a hotel and it sounds like they’re getting along really well. Jake mentioned that he’s probably going to get a second job at one of my parents’ hangouts. Good… at least that way he can keep an eye on them.

Called off Happy Hour tonight… Meagan just got back from New York and she said she’s behind on studying and just generally tired and stuff. I guess we’ll pick back up tomorrow; she wants to get together with me and Ryan at Flying Saucer to tell all her good trip stories. So I guess tonight I’ll be going to San Marcos to hang out with the boys.

It’s been a pretty busy day today, and lately in general… that’s why I haven’t been so up on the blogging. But I’m alive and well, don’t you worry. More updates later!


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