linkety links

Random collection of links. Some I think are interesting, some you might think are interesting…

Hey! Mom! They’re having free shipping on furniture at Target, in case you want to order a cool pub table for the dining room, like this one.

Daryl Reaugh (the Stars color commentator) has a really entertaining blog, and Sunday’s entry was hilarious.

Yahoo’s new time capsule project looks interesting and poignant.

For my own reference… this 1GB SD card is $19.99 with free shipping. Might be worth it… could store some mp3s on there and really give the ol’ Treo a workout.

Rock star pumpkins, just in time!!! Janis! Jim Morrison! John Lennon!

Jennifer Wilbanks, you ungrateful bitch

Okay, I have just run out of coffee, link spree must end. I hope that SD card is still on sale on Friday, that’s a great deal!!


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