sherman weekend

Hey, y’all… spending a very sleepy morning at work after a whirlwind of a weekend.

Saturday morning I went to the station with Ryan to look over his tape and a script for a story he needed to do for the 10. Afterwards, I ran some errands in the neighborhood… got Ryan’s car inspected, grabbed my weekly Saturday Frappuccino, and then headed home. I intended to take a nap, but ended up reading the first part of Cyrano de Bergerac (I finished Pride and Prejudice!) and going through a Photoshop tutorial to make halftone pop-art (I did one of Barker) before I had to pack my clothes and load up the car.

pup tentsI went to Wal-Mart and picked up a couple of portable kennels for the trip, as I hate taking apart, loading, unloading, and reassembling the metal kennels that we use at home. The new ones are nylon and work like those pop-open sunshades. In fact, if you take off the elastic band and throw it on the floor, it almost pops all the way open! I can carry them both under one arm while carrying a suitcase or two, or while walking the dogs. Sooooooo cool. It took them both a little bit of time to get used to the idea that this thing that was once flat is something that they’re supposed to get INSIDE. Barker even tried to step on the top when I told him to “go to bed.” But they figured it out in good time, especially with some positive rawhide reinforcement.

I went up to the station and picked Ryan up after he was done with his tape, and we hit the road. Got in to Sherman about 2am Sunday morning, and Jake came over with his friend Victoria for a couple of hours. He left around 4am, and that was all we saw of him the whole weekend.

We got up early Sunday to meet my parents, Marty, and Debbie at IHOP for breakfast at 8am. Uuughhhhh. Had a leisurely meal and then headed to church, where EVERYONE wanted to talk to Ryan (most hadn’t met him) and ask how his interview went (uh, it wasn’t until Monday). The entire congregation was excited about even the remotest possibility of us moving to Sherman, and a couple of people said they’d been imagining Ryan on the morning show already. Not that anyone put the cart before the horse or anything…

After church, we skipped lunch in favor of taking out the dogs and taking a nap before we went to the Finley Playhouse to see Harvey. Ryan woke up hungry, so we made a mad drive-thru at Burger King on the way from the hotel to the theater. He scarfed his burger down in record time, and saved the fries for intermission. The play was funny, and I’d like to check out the movie sometime, too. Got to meet Norman Bennett, local celebrity, who played Elwood P. Dowd. He was just as endearingly folksy as his character.

We went to Mom and Dad’s house for a while to show them Ryan’s tape and allow Mom to change. We looked at some old yearbooks of theirs and pictures from our family, and then decided to go to City Limits for dinner/beer. While we were there, Janette called from Minneapolis to tell us about the hotel where she was auditioning/staying for the week… all about the fluffy bathrobe, spa bath products, French chocolates, Voss water, XM radio, plasma TV… complete with pictures. (And we were at the Days Inn… not exactly Accor B&L quality!) We hung out at the City for a long time and then dropped by Wal-Mart, where Ryan picked up some Shiner Bock and we mostly looked over fall stuff for fun.

Monday morning, Ryan woke up to watch the morning show, and I woke up feeling like I needed more sleep. Our room had two full-size beds, when we’re used to a queen at home. So we were pretty packed in the one bed while the dogs lounged out on the other. I was cranky for some reason (cold room, small bed, morning TV) and so my pillows and I went over to the other bed. Not so romantic, but I did get about 3 more hours of sleep. Around 9, we headed down to the front office for continental breakfast (well, I had breakfast anyway) and to close out our account (we’d gotten in late enough the first night that they only charged us for one night’s stay, hooray!). I dropped Ryan off at the TV station just before 10am, then came back to the hotel to load up suitcases/dogs and waited it out until almost 11am, when it was time to check out. Headed back to the station and hung out in the parking lot for almost an hour – long interview! – and then Ryan and I went back to Mom and Dad’s to drop off the dogs and go to lunch.

Ryan got to ride the Harley up to Johnny Carino’s with Dad, while Mom and I rode in our car. Lunch was really good… it was nice to go to a Carino’s that had decent service for once (unlike all of the ones we seem to go to in San Antonio). We dropped by Target for supplies (drinks, Tylenol, new sunglasses!) and then picked up the dogs and hit the road.

Not sure what to think about the idea of moving to Sherman. Ryan and I agree that it would be a great place to live, especially since we’d actually be able to afford a house, and most of the neighborhoods are pretty nice. There are really very few parts of Sherman that are truly “bad neighborhoods,” unlike San Antonio. We could have a yard for the dogs, we could go to a Carino’s with good service, we could cut down on our fuel costs (since the town isn’t all that big and you don’t have to drive half an hour to get everywhere)… there are a lot of pros. Ryan wasn’t too keen on the morning show when he watched it yesterday, but it is small market TV. I guess it remains to be seen whether (a) Ryan is offered the job, (b) Ryan’s desire to be an anchor outweighs his desire to play with the fancy toys at KENS, and (c) I could find a job that pays well in Sherman. I think all three conditions would be necessary for us to make the move, but there’s nothing really holding us back lifestyle-wise… I think we both agree that it would be a great place to live and raise a family and stay for a long time. Plus, if Janette got the new gig, she’d have to be closer to (or in) Dallas, so… Sherman would be much more ideal than San Antonio!

We went to Flying Saucer last night with Meagan after a late dinner at India Palace, and they were sold out of Blue Moon and Ace Pear, my two favorites. But I did have a delicious Boddington’s Pale Ale that was crowned with the CREAMIEST head I’ve ever seen. I’m talking whipped-cream consistency, and almost whipped-cream taste… smooth and sweet. So good! Ryan got three beers closer to the crown. I bet he hits 100 and earns his free tall beer by the end of the week!


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