on quality time

Quality time… it’s that most nebulous of nemeses. It’s that vaporous time during which, supposedly, we’re to bolster our relationships, enlighten our minds, better ourselves.

But why does designated quality time get on my nerves? I know that I should be enjoying myself… perhaps this is why I am not.

I have read many articles on date nights with your husband, only to find that a lot of the ideas are kind of vapid and silly. Yet when we do go out, we’re at a loss for ideas of what to do. Maybe I need to give in to being more vapid and silly during this quality time thing.

As seems to be the case with Tuesday nights this fall, there was a burr under my saddle blanket. This time it wasn’t until I got home from going out with Meagan and was ready to just hang out at home with Ryan after his bowling night… but he still wanted to go out. Of course it turned into an argument and between me still not being caught up on sleep after the weekend and his beer-free bowling night, we were both feeling a little edgy and I did not go to bed in the best mood.

For me, I guess, there are three kinds of quality time: time with myself, time with friends, time with my husband. And I need all three of these. Sometimes the latter two tend to overlap, which is probably part of what’s bugging me today, in both directions. I need a little pure time in each of the buckets… time with myself, time with friends, time with my husband.

I’m sure it sounds like I’m really unhappy today, which isn’t the case. I just need to work a little harder at the quality time balancing act.


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