busy Thursday

Had a pleasantly busy but not stressful Thursday. Well, work was a little stressful… we’re smack in the middle of year-end compensation stuff and so the work does trickle down. My job has been mostly limited to updating and formatting reports, nothing too technical, though. But the busy-ness comes in spurts and then goes away again.

After work, instead of just taking the dogs out to squat and then going back in, I took them (and myself) for a 15-minute walk around the back side of the apartment complex. When they were panting their heads off, pawing at their leashes, and I had picked up the mail, we went home, where they laid on the kitchen floor and panted some more. But they were sure quiet!

When Ryan got home, I made dinner – baked lemon herb chicken breasts (the pre-seasoned kind that comes from HEB), jasmine rice with almonds and herbs, and baby peas. Turned out pretty well, and had enough for lunch today. My stomach’s been growling all morning thinking about that rice… I am really, really loving jasmine rice lately. It’s so flavorful that it doesn’t need a lot of stuff in it, like regular white rice, which wants for some sort of sauce to sop up.

After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen and then we headed to Flying Saucer. We went early, for once, and got our beer fix while making up dog-related holiday sayings and even a quickie version of the “12 Days of Christmas,” doggie-style. (That sounds much worse than it is!!) Ryan’s up to 98 beers now, and next time will be over the 100-beer mark – which means he gets a free Biggie beer the time after that! Woo! He’s fast closing in on that 200-beer goal.

Today has been just about as hectic as yesterday, so I’m going to make my exit to lunch while the getting out is good. Cheers, y’all!


One response to “busy Thursday

  1. I so get it now why you are always going to the Flying Saucer, 200 beers. I am so jealous now.

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