Sooooooo… just a couple of things to mention today… I’m not feeling very writey this afternoon.

Janette got the promotion to her company’s business & leisure group, so she’ll be based more out of Dallas – but will be taking much shorter trips, so we should see her more often! All of her audits have been cancelled for the rest of the year in favor of accelerated training. I’m very excited for her – I know she’s really wanted this job!

Ryan has less than 100 beers to go toward his saucer on the wall at Flying Saucer. Woo!

As for me, well… I’m nearing the end of Cyrano de Bergerac and I’ve really enjoyed it. I got a really big new purse that makes me want to buy a pizza and smuggle it into a movie theatre. (Not really, but it’s pretty darn big!) I am also extremely addicted to Extra Cool Watermelon gum and have been chewing it in copious quantities (I may have to start buying it by the case). On the other hand, this gum reminds me of the “Original Bubble Gum” flavor that Extra used to have, packaged in the bright magenta wrapper. I was addicted to this stuff as a ‘tween (Jake probably remembers it) and I was sad when they stopped selling it. (And the “Classic Bubble Gum” flavor in the pastel pink package is SOOOO not the same… in fact, it’s pretty gross, I think.) At least I can fit lots of gum in my huge new purse, and if I chew a whole 15-piece pack of gum in a day, it sets me back, oh, 75 calories. That’s less than half a beer!

Other news may be coming, if/when the right time presents itself. (I’m NOT pregnant, so don’t even go there.) So… I’ll leave it at that. Happy Wednesday, y’all!


One response to “updates

  1. You’ve turned green instead of Violet, Violet!

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