babies, babies everywhere

…but not here, ha!

Found out this weekend that my cousin Darin and his wife Lindsay have given birth to a baby girl, Sonja Jeanine. (My aunt Nina’s real first name is Jeanine.) Nina is flying out to Hawaii to see them the first weekend in November.

And… our friends Sheradee and Mike in Oklahoma City have let us know that Sheradee is pregnant with their first (human) baby (they already have a dog, Chee Chee). She’s 11 weeks along and her due date is May 9th.

And… one of the pastors at our church is about to pop, too… she said on Sunday that her due date has been moved back and so they’re just counting down the days now!

All this good news!! Very exciting stuff…

Last night Meagan invited Ryan and I to her place for an evening of pumpkin carving. Well, it was billed as an evening of pumpkin carving, but we also sampled several of Meagan’s dips (including the super-yummy artichoke dip she makes), had some wine and cider, and cookies and stuff as well. And we roasted pumpkin seeds… probably at least four cups of them out of the four pumpkins we carved.

Wait, did I say FOUR pumpkins? Yes! We also got to meet Darrel, whom we had heard a lot about but hadn’t ever had the chance to meet. He seemed like a very nice guy, funny and easy to get along with.

We had a great time but didn’t leave until about half past midnight, and Meagan lives on the northeast side of town… so I fell into bed at close to 1am. I’ve been pretty sleepy today and even copped a 15-minute power nap during lunch (thank goodness I take lunch late and I can catch a few winks in the mostly-empty cafeteria).

Not sure what’s going on tonight but it has gotten quite chilly here in San Antonio… at least by San Antonio standards. It was about 48 degrees when I left the house, plus I had to stop and get gas (brrrr!!). And my building is normally cold anyway (brrrrrrr!!!). So I think that if we don’t have much to do tonight, I’d really like to bundle up with a blanket and some wine and Ryan and enjoy the colder weather. 🙂


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