on the road… again!

It looks like another super-quickie trip to Sherman is in my future. Ryan is to meet with some folks and I am going to visit my old stomping grounds – Sherman High School – in an effort to buddy up with my former computer applications teacher so maybe I can shimmy my way into a teaching career. Who knows?

I decided to take a personal day on Monday and accompany Ryan on the trip so that we wouldn’t have to worry about the logistical nightmare of sending him up via plane, to rent a car, to drive to Sherman (still another hour and a half from the airport, really!), to stay in a hotel… just general bad-ness all around. Figured, what the hey, we can drive together and then I don’t have to be Ryan-less for two days, too!

The discussions about the future are getting more serious and less “I have a dream”… it’s a confluence of geography, finance, communication, family, career aspirations… one big tangle that I can’t see where one thing ends and another starts. It’s confusing. This is such a loaded proposition… it’s not like when we were moving to Joplin, when it was just a place and we didn’t know anyone there, and it was far away from BOTH of our families and not in our home state. That was just plunging into the unknown.

But this… moving to Sherman would mean moving away from San Antonio, toward my family and away from his. And his family seems hurt, understandably. And they encourage him to remember that all his life he wanted to be a reporter in a large market. But that doesn’t take into account the dividends that happiness can pay. Obviously, making more money here would take some of the sting out of the stress of his job, but on the other hand… how long would that feeling last?

That’s not to say that an anchoring job in Sherman would necessarily make him happier, but he has said that he does want to anchor, and life was certainly simpler when we lived in Joplin. There’s something to be said for smaller markets… the appeal of being a bigger fish, the quieter lifestyle, the fact that when we discuss where we want to go to dinner, there aren’t thousands of options clouding our minds. (Hey, we can be pretty darned indecisive.) And when we were in Joplin, there was the fact, also, that the friends we made in those first months out of college were some of the closest that we’ve had. I don’t know if Sherman would be the same way, but I suspect that it might, if I can escape the hometown thing and just be the person that I have become since graduating high school, eight years ago.

I talked with my brother yesterday, who says that he wants nothing more than to get out of Grayson County, and possibly even the United States. That’s all well and good, I guess, but I don’t think life has to be that difficult. I know that he’s carrying a lot of baggage around Grayson County, though…. and I’m sure he wants to shake loose of that. I don’t know why he thinks he needs to go to Chile to do that, though. (Chile is a pepper, not where family lives!)


2 responses to “on the road… again!

  1. And a very nice person you have become. I can understand Ryan’s family not wanting him to leave. And we are just as excited at the thought of you coming to Sherman all grown up.

  2. Sarah

    I think it would be absolutly wonderful if you guys moved to Sherman, being closer and all. Sorry I have not been in touch all that often, I have been insanely busy. My final board exam is Nov. 10, after I pass that it will be only a month or so until I have my full license.


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