shut up and sing

Just watched the trailer for Shut Up and Sing, the documentary about the Dixie Chicks after Natalie Maines’ famous comment about being ashamed that President Bush is from Texas. This movie looks really interesting, and I really like the Dixie Chicks, too… even though there have been a few too many drunken karaoke outings involving a gaggle of gals, two microphones, and “Goodbye Earl.” But I also find the video for “Not Ready To Make Nice” very visually striking and powerful, too. Definitely not the usual CMT fare.

Of course, the usual CMT fare of late isn’t bad… see any Billy Currington video for details… especially the “Must Be Doin’ Something Right” video that I can honestly say puts “Wicked Game” to shame. (Maybe it’s the more upbeat subject matter… or maybe it’s just all that sand.)

I’m ready for the weekend to be here, even though it’s gonna wear me out. Still have some logistical issues with what to do with the dogs while we’re there… but I’m sure we’ll get it all figured out.


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