Well, well, well… we’re just coasting like a greased preschooler on a playground slide toward the end of the year. It really seems like October flew by in a hurry… no complaints, as it alternated between being hot and rainy for most of the month.

We went to Sherman this weekend, where Ryan had an official interview with one of the stations. It apparently went pretty well, as his interviewer took him (and me, and my mom) out to lunch. As for myself, I went by the high school to visit my computer applications teacher and talk to her about a posted job opening, and she introduced me to the principal. He seemed very cool, and I think it would be a great job if I could get it (pending certification, of course).

It was a quick trip, and although the station put us up in a very nice room, I was glad to get home to the dogs and our own apartment.

For Halloween yesterday, I really wanted to dress up for work, so I did a very last-minute thing… wore a nice black top and a black shawl, all of my pearls, a pair of beachy cargo pants and flip-flops, and Ryan’s diving mask/snorkel. A pearl diver! Of course, it was one of those costumes that needed more explaining than I felt like doing (I was still beat from all that weekend driving) so I ditched the mask/snorkel and just walked around looking vaguely like a socialite on vacation, or something. I happened across some interesting characters during the day… Miss Piggy, a pair of ’80s rocker-types, two angels, some vampires, and some unhappy corporate types. Hmmm, maybe they weren’t dressed up.

I got home and threw together a quick pasta dinner, and Ryan and I watched the first half of Dancing With The Stars. The Halloween episode was really cool, but I think Monique (the only gal left in the competition!) is gonna get the boot tonight. 😦 I think that the guys have an advantage… since they have to lead, the female pros aren’t going to overextend them. But Louis is choreographing some tough routines, and Monique has to keep up to be a good follow. Their first dance looked tough, and she paid for it in the scoring. But she did get 2 10’s in their second dance. I hope they pull an upset tonight, but I’m not betting on it.

Meagan came over halfway through DWTS and brought a bottle of wine, so we opened it up and chilled out, watched the rest of the episode, and then decided to watch Strictly Ballroom for the heck of it. We even watched a documentary on the DVD about the ballroom dancing world in Australia in 1985… it was interesting, but some of those folks were C-R-A-Z-Y.

All in all, not a very Halloween-y holiday, but it was relaxing.

Ryan got some tickets for Wurstfest on Friday, and he also got free Rampage tickets to the game on Saturday, so my weekend is booked! Lots on tap tonight… gotta go grocery shopping, plus the results show from DWTS is on, and there’s a Stars game on Fox Sports Net tonight too… how will I balance it all? Oh, and it wouldn’t kill me to put a load of laundry in, either. Sheesh…


One response to “chilly

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Fun, Fun and more fun!

    I also watched dancing with the stars last night and once again I am amazed by their talent!!

    Sounds like a busy but very enjoyable weeked is on tap for you guys….hope you have fun and can enjoy being closer to home for a change.

    Take care and have a beer for me at Wurstfest 🙂


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