well well well!

So… just realized my last entry was #300 in this blog. That, of course, doesn’t count past blog iterations at Live Journal, Open Diary, and who knows where the hell else…

Anyway… got quite a full weekend ahead. Leaving the office at 2pm today with the other HR-heads to go on a tour of a children’s shelter that receives United Way money (we’re knee-deep in UW campaign season right now). After that, the group is scheduled to go to Azuca for some bonding time, but I got the nod from my boss to shove off early. Planning to go and vote (today’s the last day of early voting, compadres!) at Crossroads Mall on my way home from downtown.

Tonight, Ryan and I are heading up to New Braunfels with some friends for Wurstfest. We had such a great time last year, and I’m really excited about it. Making a mental note to not take my beer onto the dance floor. Last night we had a discussion on the way home from the Flying Saucer about how excited we both were about the sausage-sampler-on-a-stick… including the oh-so-delicious Appelwurst. Yummmmm.

Ryan managed to snag some box seats from work to tomorrow night’s Rampage game, so we’ll be heading out to the AT&T Center to watch the Rampage take on the Toronto Marlies. I really enjoy watching the local hockey games… I’ve never been to a major league game but it’s still very exciting to actually go and see the game up close and personal. Of course, I still love watching the Stars and listening to Ralph and Razor call the games… they’ve gotta be my favorite sportscasters ever. But I’m still really giddy about getting to go to another hockey game… yay!!

Today is going sloooowwww… I hope the afternoon moves a little quicker than this!


One response to “well well well!

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Its Friday…they always go slowly until 30 min before its time to leave and then, watch out….something will happen and it will be a rush, rush situation.

    Hope you guys have a blast at the game and at Wurstfest…enjoy!!

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