happy election day!

Happy Election Day, y’all! Regardless of who your candidates of choice are, I hope that you’ll get your happy ass to the polls and do something about it.

As for myself, I voted on Friday, and yes, I voted for Kinky. And I feel good about it. I do hope he comes out on top, because I think that he has the honesty and the drive that is so refreshing in this field of candidates. Everyone likes to point at how he whiffed the debate, but on the upside… he wasn’t all scripted and careful, either. I think debating, as an exercise, is overrated anyway.

Ryan is working a double today for the election, so I’m hoping Meagan will come over and poll-watch with me. It’s an exciting year to be a Texas voter, and I hope that enough people are pissed at Perry that they’ll say so at the polls!!

Last night Ryan and I had dinner at home… I threw together a chicken one-pan dinner thing (two chicken breasts, a can of cream of chicken soup, a cup of rice, a cup and a half of water, broccoli, and some herbs) which was pretty tasty, considering that I could have done without cooking altogether. 🙂 We went to Flying Saucer for some brew… Ryan now has 22 visits left to go until he breaks 200 (at 3 beers a visit). I had a Woodchuck Amber Cider, which was pretty good… Ryan had a Young’s Oatmeal Stout, a Young’s Winter Warmer, and a Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale, which he really liked. (It was too hoppy for me… but the selling point on that one was that the brewer picked his own fresh hops.)

Glad to have done with our big comp presentation yesterday… I think it will be a slower day today, which is fine with me. Slept fitfully… Ryan woke me up in the middle of the night when we discovered that Hailey, who has been on poop strike, decided to break her resolve on our bedroom floor. Luckily it was well packed crap, so I just picked it up with some toilet paper and flushed it… no unholy residue on the carpet. And then Ryan turned on the TV… this was all around 5:20 or so. I woke up for real at 6:45 and wasn’t really ready to be awake, but… duty calls. (Not doody this time, thankfully.)

I’ve been addicted to the Overheard In The Office Blog… subscribed to the RSS feed and everything. So funny!! Check it out for some quick little snippets of real-world stupidity.

Go vote!!!


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