petulant snit

Well… Kinky didn’t win. And while I wish I could say I was suprised, I’m not (even though I did vote for him anyway). At any rate, I watched the news last night rather dejectedly and was disappointed that Perry won. Bleah. Four more years, making him the longest-serving governor in Texas history, I believe. And elected with a historically low percentage of votes.

Ah well, three cheers for the left-wingers on the national level.

In talking with Rachael yesterday, I’ve discovered that I identify less and less with the two-party system. I find that I self-identify more with the Libertarian party, unpopular as they are, for the combination of conservative fiscal values mixed with social consciousness. It’s like, duh, why didn’t I think of that before? I guess I have been walking along with blinders on since the ripe old age of eighteen, when I became a Registered Voter.

Ah well, I have the rest of my life to perpetually vote for losing candidates, especially if I stay in Texas. Which, for all my bitching, is actually a great place to live, and I’m content to stay for the fact that we are proud folks, for better or worse. That was one thing that I was happy about last night… in many of the concession speeches, the losing gubernatorial candidates did say that it was time to come together as Texans. And shouldn’t we anyway, in matters of politics or not?

In more hotly (to put it a certain way) contested races, tonight will reveal who goes on to the final on Dancing With The Stars. Will it be Mario the Dimpled, Joey the Bald, or Emmitt the Cowboy? I can’t wait to find out!!!!!


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