ABC, if you’re listening…

I noticed in my tags that I have two that are sort of related, in that they aren’t at ALL… one for “dancingwiththestars” and one for “stars“, as in the Dallas Stars.

And I thought, how awesome and funny would it be to combine the two? Dancing With the Dallas Stars????

Okay, so that’s probably only funny to me. But I would watch the crap out of that show. Mike Modano and Brenden Morrow, all glitterous, with NO HELMETS to obscure the view? C’mon, that’s TV gold right there!!


3 responses to “ABC, if you’re listening…

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Hot, Hot, Hot!! And if we could be sipping red wine or coffee with Frangelico what would be the complete state of bliss!!!

  2. Speaking of your tags…I’m an REM person…

  3. I don’t know. . . at least the helmets hide all the missing teeth!

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