on unimportant – yet entertaining – things

First… a funny…

That was my Calvin & Hobbes for today… and it only served to remind me how they stuck the camera in Joey Lawrence’s face when he was BOOTED from Dancing With The Stars last night!!
Yes, yes, I knew that Mario Lopez and his dimples would probably be going on to the finals, barring a miracle. I had steeled myself for Emmitt Smith to leave, even though I voted for him FOUR TIMES yesterday (and Joey once)… I was fully prepared for a Mario/Joey showdown next week. But then… the unthinkable! I’ll really miss watching Joey and Edyta dance… they seemed to be a fun pair, both graceful, and I’ll admit that she does look really awesome in those costumes. (But the veins in Joey’s bald head were tripping me out a bit.)

On the other hand… I am really excited that Emmitt is in the finals. He and Cheryl are so entertaining! And Emmitt reminds me of the good ol’ days, back before I had to pay bills, when the Cowboys were America’s Team, when they weren’t the butt of jokes in Texas (well, that’s the Houston Texans now, but whatever). He’s so the good guy, the unlikely athlete who’s surprisingly light on his feet. I mean, Mario Lopez, come on… of COURSE he’s gonna be good. He was a wrestler at Bayside High, after all.

Uhh, wait, reality is becoming obscured… must … blink…

Okay… back here on Planet Earth, Ryan and I had a delicious Indian curry last night while we watched the bloated DWTS semis, then went to Flying Saucer. I had the Young’s Winter Warmer that Ryan had tried on Monday… it was on special for $2.50! It’s darker than most beers I generally like – it’s “mahogany colored”, as Ryan said – but very smooth with a hint of spice to it. Made me wish it wasn’t 80-something degrees yesterday! Ryan ordered his 3 beers over the course of the night, but the last one was an Avery Maharaja Double IPA, which I think had an elevated alcohol content, and was delivered in a big, 2-pint sized bottle. Sooo… I think he was a little overwhelmed with the quantity consumed last night. Highlight of the evening – it was Maredsous glass night, and while we didn’t make it in time to get in on the glassware purchase, a guy next to us left without his and never came back. So we got a very nice Belgian ale glass for nothing, after checking with our favorite waitress.

We got into a buzzed discussion over what’s really important, and how nowadays people don’t generally do work that is actually useful. I mean, not useful in the sense that they are actually producing anything necessary to life… I work in HR, producing documents and stuff that are policy-based, but people aren’t going to eat them or bundle up with them. (I suppose you could print them off and make a fire, but that’s beside the point.) We talked about how a few hundred years ago, most people’s careers were things that contributed to the actual well-being of their community, but nowadays many careers are oriented to promote pleasure, to stimulate the mind, or to make money for a huge corporation. I would guess that a minority of those who work are actually working at something like growing food, making water safe to drink, making clothes that are not frivolous and actually keep us warm… stuff like that.

On the way home, we got into a discussion about when we want to have kids. Nothing decided, but it was an interesting conversation.

Today’s my Friday this week, as I have tomorrow off for the Veterans Day holiday. Might have more later, might not…


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