dancing, dancing, dancing

Okay, so (of course!) the judges on Dancing With The Stars last night ended the finals in a tie, so now all who care about what is good and decent in this world MUST go to the DWTS website and VOTE FOR EMMITT SMITH!!!

The episode was pretty interesting (there’s a link to the recap in my del.icio.us list somewhere) and I totally loved Emmitt and Cheryl’s “U Can’t Touch This” freestyle… it reminded me of the video, down to the baggy pants and gold vest. And Cheryl’s costume was a throwback to the outfit the female dancers wore in the video, too. So funny… and it showcased Emmitt’s fleet feet (clad in shiny gold shoes).

Mario Lopez, he with the dimples so deep you could make chili in ’em, was as good as he always is… *yawn*. He’s just not as exciting to watch, because Emmitt really seems to be having so much fun and is working so hard, where Mario is just taking rehearsal time pretending to be surprised when the cameras “catch” him making out with his partner, Karina. Oh, yeah, like I believe for a second that they aren’t completely aware that the camera is pointed straight at their slobbering maws.

Ummm… I digress. Mario did his freestyle to Rob Bass’s “It Takes Two,” which was okay, but it was just so… eh. I know that they got scored a point better on the freestyle than Emmitt, but I just don’t like Mario. There, I said it. A.C. Slater, I hope you aren’t saved by the bell this time!

I’m so mean!! But please go vote anyway!!


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