Emmitt wins!! …and other nonsense

Well… we all knew he could do it. But I didn’t know if the football voting bloc was bigger than the “Saved By The Bell” bloc.

Hmmm, what was I thinking?

I’m also excited for Cheryl Burke, who also won LAST year with Drew Lachey. It’s like every so-so dancing dude she touches turns to Dancing With The Stars gold! She’s a lot of fun to watch, though… she really does some great choreography, showcasing her partner’s strengths while hiding their weaknesses. I STILL remember the “Thriller” routine she and Drew did last season… it was so creative and they just nailed the crap out of it.

I suspect she might have had a hand in Emmitt’s costuming… I mean, the guy’s not known for wearing shiny shirts, armbands, and sparkly shoes. But he did! And he was just so game for everything she threw at him… he mentioned early on that he was used to being “coached” and he took to it so easily. I’ve already gone on and on about how Mario spent more time slobbering over Karina, so… I won’t do it again, really!

In other news… yesterday was the longest day I have ever worked here… almost an 11-hour day (12 if you count the hour I was on-site for lunch, 13 if you count driving to and from work). We were putting together a small deck for a higher-up and I have to admit that although the day was incredibly long, it wasn’t arduous. We all worked hard but I think that we all had a good time despite ourselves. But I did get pretty tired at staring at PowerPoint all day.

Ryan had a long day too, doing a story outside of Luling, so instead of wearing ourselves out more we opted to go to Pei Wei for dinner. We hadn’t been in a long time and it totally hit the spot. Plus, its proximity to Flying Saucer isn’t exactly a drawback, either. 🙂 We did walk across the parking lot and had a few beers, and Ryan’s cordial relationship with the manager meant that he knew they had some more of the Spaten mugs they were selling, and told our waitress so when she said they were sold out. (“Well, Brenden just said five minutes ago that there were a few in the back.” “Um… okay, I’ll check.”) Sure ’nuff, Ryan and his half-liter of Spaten Optimator in a nice take-home mug were introduced to one another moments later. Heh.

I was so exhausted when I fell into bed last night, and it was so cold this morning when I left for work… probably about 40 degrees or just below. Bleah! I don’t mind cool weather… brisk weather. But once that 50-degree mark is broken on the negative side, I’m ready for the temperature to hold steady for a while. Thus goes a Texas autumn… warm one day, cold the next morning, warm again the next afternoon (it’s supposed to get back up to 70 today, go figure).


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