I love turkey at Thanksgiving…

Well, because Thanksgiving is almost upon us, it’s time to go watch Adam Sandler sing “The Thanksgiving Song.” ‘Tis the season, and all that.

I’ve had a busy week at work, and it’s half over. Granted, it’s Tuesday. Yesterday I was chartered to spend a considerable amount of time creating a PowerPoint “greeting card” for our workgroup involving a gobbling turkey who holds up a sign that says “Eat Beef,” accompanied by a loud, obnoxious mooing sound. My boss loved it. I have a feeling it wasn’t as well received outside of Texas, but hey… we do love our beef down here.

As some of you know, Ryan and I have been wrestling with the decision of whether or not to move back to my hometown. He has an unofficial job offer on the table to anchor a morning show there, and I’ve had a bit of interest in teaching computer applications at my alma mater. Wouldn’t that be a trip?! We’ve gone back and forth and sat on the fence and have fallen off either way. Right now I think we’re leaning toward going, which would be difficult and scary but also very exciting and would give us an opportunity to pursue the things we really want, which are becoming less oriented toward career and more toward having a house, family, etc. The fact that the cost of living is lower and the town is smaller and more friendly is certainly very appealing.

Jesse came down yesterday from San Marcos since he’s off all week, and had dinner with us at Los Barrios… one of Ryan’s favorite restaurants here, which I’d never been to. I had the “Special Nachos,” which were just chips topped with refried beans and cheese and then baked a little bit. I don’t know that I would have called them special, but they were tasty anyway. Ryan had tortilla soup with lots of lime juice… I realize now why he makes all the hubbub about the soup. It was really good stuff! After a leisurely dinner, we all went to Flying Saucer, where Ryan got three beers closer to his party. I had the Real Ale Rio Blanco Pale, which I would normally get on a Sunday ($2.50 Texas pints) instead of Monday ($2.50 all pints), but I just wanted something simple and tasty. Ryan tried the Anchor Christmas 2006 Spiced Ale which was dark and spicy and thick. He finished that bad boy, but not without a fight! I thought it would make a tasty brisket marinade, myself… but it would be hard to drink more than one.

I bounced out of bed this morning without much of a fight, although it was about 37 degrees when I left the house. Could have definitely spent the day wrapped up in a quilt. Ryan doesn’t have bowling tonight, so perhaps we’ll stay home and have some nice warm food and relaxation. No Dancing With The Stars though… maybe instead of staying home we can catch a hockey game or something. I’m so conflicted!

I read a cool article this morning at Accidental Hedonist comparing rock and roll with simple food. I really loved the analogy… how sometimes you want to go to the symphony/eat a 7-course meal, but most of the time you just want to crank up Led Zep II and have a taco. Rock on!! I’ve discovered that my food tastes run far closer to comfort foods/classic foods (mac & cheese, chicken fried steak, a good juicy burger) than to those foo-foo things that I do like sometimes, but not always (Piatti’s gnocchi, which I CAN NEVER PRONOUNCE CORRECTLY, things involving goat cheese, top-shelf liquor).

Oh, and I finally remembered to grab the CD I burned off the table yesterday… Chris Thile’s How To Grow A Woman From The Ground. I’d heard it a bit riding with Ryan but hadn’t had a chance to do the immersing-myself-during-the-drive-home thing. Two words for you: bluegrass ROCKS. But you knew that, of course.


3 responses to “I love turkey at Thanksgiving…

  1. So, right now you’re leaning towards moving to Sherman. It sounds like it could be a good change for you guys. Are you going to do alternative certification? I just got finished with my classes. I can’t wait to find a job teaching Elementary Music. Right now it’s too specific since it’s mid-year. I know you’ll let us know when you do make a decision.

  2. Hope your decision-making process goes well. . .what a fun change for you! Keep us informed.

  3. I’ve been trying to keep up with your blog, even though it seems I’ve fallen off the face of the earth! I look forward to hearing what you decide as far as the move is concerned.

    I so enjoyed looking at your wedding pics, I’m sending you the link to mine, should you want to check them out.


    Code: 45075P102806

    It’s easiest to watch it as a slideshow – select view all images, then view slideshow.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

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