heading north

The word’s gotten around… so I might as well post it…

Ryan has accepted an anchor job in Sherman, and we’ll be moving right around New Year’s.


I’m excited, to be sure… Sherman is my hometown, where my folks still live, and it’s closer to Joplin and Oklahoma City (where we have friends). Of course, it’s not San Antonio, and we’ll be moving away from Ryan’s family. That’s not to say that we won’t be able to visit from time to time, especially now that Ryan will have weekends off.

Last night Ryan brought home a rosemary tree from a nursery where he’d done an interview, and said “It’s for remembrance.” Maybe that’s why I’ve always liked it so much. I put a couple of small Christmas decorations on it, but it reminded me of how we won’t be putting up a Christmas tree again this year, because we’ll be putting everything else in boxes. No sense in getting the tree out of its box.

I say again, because this was how it was just two years ago, when we left Joplin. We only had two weeks to pack up, find an apartment in San Antonio, and leave. It was incredibly hard… we had made so many close friends there, many of whom still live in that area (or within a 200-mile radius, anyway).

This time we have a little bit longer to pack up our stuff and find a new place for our stuff, and hopefully a yard for our dogs… hopefully we can be a little more picky. I liked our apartment here okay, but it’s a little cramped when we have company. And I like having company, so… we need a bigger space!

I’m still looking for a job up there, and hopefully I’ll have something before we go. I’ve had a lot of moral support from the people I work with now, which is nice. I’m looking forward to this next step in our lives, and I know it’s going to be really great for Ryan’s career.


4 responses to “heading north

  1. Congratulations! Now I really have to try and see you after you move, as now two of my best high school buddies live in the same town. You me, Ryan, Joseph and his girlfriend Heidi need to have a big old party up there sometime. Good luck!

  2. I sure am excited about your move to Sherman-but then I’ your mom! Let us know asap when you and Ryan plan on coming to Sherman to look for a place so I can try and get you reservations at the theater.

  3. I am glad for you and Ryan. Definitly happy that you all will be closer. Congrats to you and Ryan, if you guys need any help let me know.

  4. Well, congratulations on making the big decision. I’m glad you have a little more time to pack this time around. I know you will find a great job! Still looking at teaching computers at your alma mater? Tell Ryan congrats on the new job. Does that mean he’s gonna have to get up really early because he’s an anchor on the morning news?

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