mind blown

Things have been crazy at work with all the year-end stuff… I’ve been staring at Excel for the better part of the day, inputting and tweaking formulas and correcting borders and shading and unshading cells…

The high point of the day so far has been Janette and Ryan coming up to the site to have lunch with me in the cafeteria. We all ate and chatted, and then I gave Janette the fly-by tour, which basically consisted of my route back to my desk from the cafeteria. I pointed out the San Antonio skyline, barely visible from the catwalk that connects the top floor of the (2-story) buildings, and was going to introduce them to my boss but he was on the phone.

I walked them downstairs, and Ryan had the dogs in the car (it’s a cool day). He brought them some water from the cafeteria and I said hello and got a mid-day puppy fix, which was really nice. I hugged everybody and went back to my desk. The afternoon’s seemed really long since I went to lunch about an hour earlier than usual, but it was worth it to spend it with people I like. 🙂

Yesterday was our six-month anniversary, so Janette and I whipped up a tasty dinner… salmon filets with mustard-dill sauce baked in parchment, roasted rosemary red potatoes, and fresh green beans with thyme butter. I read enough out of my Joy of Cooking to approximate times/temperatures based on the cooking methods I planned to use, and everything turned out wonderfully. The salmon was soooo good… and ridiculously easy. I basically tossed the rinsed-and-patted-dry filet on a sheet of parchment, skin side down. Then I smeared about a tablespoon (maybe a scant tablespoon) of spicy deli mustard on top of the fish (I didn’t have dijon, but that would probably have been quite good, or honey mustard even). I had about a half-stick of butter which I cut into three pieces, and cut each piece into four chunks, and each piece of fish got four chunks of butter set on top of the mustard. Then I shook some dill all over the top and wrapped it up. I’m not enough of a chef to wrap a parchment packet without it needing to be secured, so I gave it a little toothpick for good measure.

Oh man, when we took it out, we could see the melted butter/salmon juice/mustard mixture filling the packets about halfway up. It was kind of a Scandinavian dill sauce without the Protestant work ethic. We tossed the potatoes with some grated Comte cheese and slathered the butter all over the green beans. Yummmmmm. Janette got a bottle of champagne to have with dinner, so it was a delightful evening.

We went to Saucer last night, of course, but it was a late trip… first we went to Brindles for dessert, where I had my usual Grand Marnier in Chocolate/Stracchiatelle gelato pair, Ryan had Pumpkin Pie and Real Vanilla, and Janette had Hazelnut. All very, very good. I’ll miss that place! After we finished up our treats, we headed two doors down for some more treats at Flying Saucer. Manager Brenden, our personal beer guide, talked to us a LOT, because it was even more dead than usual for a Sunday night. We ended up staying until about 1am, after Meagan met us… she’s done with her exams for now so she’s back among the living. Yay!

Was hard to wake up and get going this morning, because Barker woke us up around 5-something making pukey noises, and then I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, so I decided not to tempt fate and just get out of bed. It was mighty chilly this morning… 30 degrees when I left. I don’t think it’s gotten above 60 here today.

Plans for tonight… low-key. Wine and cheese. Janette bought a round of Brie last weekend so we’re going to bake it (somehow). I wouldn’t be opposed to munching on some of that Comte, which was nutty and earthy. Not particularly Janette’s style… I thought it tasted like a Parmesan that had been around the block (in a good way).

Looking forward to being done with today. Late Sunday nights make for a long week.


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