one thing leads to another

I always find it interesting how God leads us on meandering paths that sometimes don’t make any sense at all, and how despite our throwing up obstacles at every turn to avoid doing something (a la Jonah), God will take us where we are meant to go.

My big real-life example, that continues to this day, started my senior year in high school. I had taken the SAT my junior year and scored fairly well on it, but didn’t want to take it again and try to improve. I had also set my mind on going to UNT in Denton, to live in the old artsy dorms with all those music majors and be the alterna-chick my late-90s self knew I was supposed to be.

Then I got a letter from Texas Lutheran University, inviting me to participate in a scholarship competition. The hitch: I had to be accepted to the school. The competition was sometime around the first Saturday in February, 1998, and I had about two weeks to get all my stuff together and apply and be accepted.

I was a walking calamity – getting all my stuff in at the last minute, forgetting to include the check for the application fee. I literally did just about everything I could do to not go to TLU.

But everything fell into place (of course!) and I was accepted, and we made it down to the campus on a rainy and cold weekend in February, where I was incredibly nervous around all these rich genius kids from San Antonio. But I managed to do sort of well, I guess, even having a portion of my essay read aloud to the audience at the end (which embarassed me and set my parents all aglow).

TLU’s financial aid package turned out to be much more workable, even with the high costs, than UNT’s. And a few months later, there I was at freshman orientation, getting the beanbag tossed to me during a getting-to-know-you activity by… my future husband.

Oh, and I happened to get a great education, and make some wonderful friends, and learn a lot about myself, too.

I’m thinking about this today because I had applied, as readers know, for a job at my hometown high school. Well, I don’t know if that’s going to pan out due to a billion pieces that I don’t have the time/money to put together right now (certification, transcripts, recommendation letters, blah blah blah!) but I do have a lead – through inquiring about that job – on another job that would put me working in downtown Sherman, if I got it.

I have a special place in my heart for downtown Sherman… site of the (now-closed) coffee shop where my high school creative writing club used to have poetry readings once a month (weren’t we angsty?!), the library where I spent many a summer in the reading club, the courthouse and all its history, my middle school, the football stadium, the theatre, little shops and cafes and antique stores and historical markers and railroad tracks, the soul of Sherman. I would love to work downtown and feel like I’m really right in the middle of things. Sherman is no metropolis, but it would be really great to be able to work downtown and be reminded daily of the intricacies that make up the town where I grew up.


2 responses to “one thing leads to another

  1. Sounds like it’s a great opportunity. At least to be in downtown of the town you grew up in. You didn’t say much about what the job was, but it sounds like you’re excited about where it is located. Any leads are great!

  2. Do you remember Meredith Shields? She was a cheerleader and my next door neighbor. Her and her brother have started a cafe/coffehouse type dig downtown, though I can’t remember the name of it. If you find out, let me know what the place is like. 😀

    I miss Cellerman’s!

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