fire! fire!

I came home tonight to find several fire trucks and an ambulance at our apartment complex… I called the TV station and asked them if the knew what was going on. Apparently there was a grease fire in one of the buildings (on our side of the complex) and someone was burned pretty badly. So they had the entire parking lot blocked off… the back entrance (where I usually go in) AND the front. I eventually parked in the insurance agency's lot across the street and watched and waited for the chance to get home. Finally, all the trucks left. I hope the person who was burned is okay!

Earlier – before the fire – Ryan and I met his cousin John at a restaurant in the Quarry for dinner. John lives in Austin and I've only met him a couple of times, but he's a pretty easygoing guy. Ryan was in San Marcos at 6, so he was running late. I was nervous about having to sit with John and wait for Ryan, but it was fine and we found enough to talk about. Still, I was glad when Ryan got there.

After dinner, I was going to hit up the Starbucks in the Quarry to sit and read for a while since I didn't get a lunch break today, but it looked pretty crowded. I chatted on the phone with Rachael and went through the drive-thru at another Starbucks on the way home, intending to go home and read. But of course I encountered the fire trucks. I did accomplish my objective, though… I just sat and had my decaf peppermint mocha and read in the car instead. I think I might go lay down and continue winding down, down, down….


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