half a gallon

Today marked the fourth time that I’ve given blood, and at a pint a pop, that puts me at half a gallon in lifetime donations. Of course, that’s nothing compared to my multi-gallon father, but I’m young yet…

It was interesting though, I’ve never had an adverse reaction to the process, and dreaded the finger-pricking more than the actual needle stick in my arm. But today I got really light-headed, started seeing spots, broke out in a sweat… the whole nine yards. That was just after they started me. So they leaned me back, gave me a couple of cold packs, and I finished up really quickly… I think I filled the bag in about 10 minutes, which is about the fastest time for me. (Must have been my body saying, “Take it, just take it and leave me alone!”) I sat on the cot for a while, then went and sat down in a chair and drank a cup of cran-apple juice. I decided to skip the cookies and just go get lunch, and so I put on my jacket…

…which turned out to be a big mistake. I got a cup of soup and filled my mug with Sprite instead of my usual Diet Dr Pepper, figuring I needed the sugar – and not the caffeine. I got in line and the cashier said, “I’m about to close, I can’t take you.” So I ambled over two lines and waited… and waited… and things started to get black, and my head started to feel very fuzzy. I finally set down my stuff and said, “I have to go lay down, I’ll come back.”

So I went back to the donation area (right by the cafeteria) and was about to sit down, when I was intercepted by a nice guy in a white coat. I must have looked pretty pale, because he guided me over to a bed, tipped me back into a reclining position, and put a couple of cold backs behind my neck. They brought me another cup of juice, and one of the techs even recovered my left-behind lunch from the line (which the cashier didn’t charge me for, even when I went back and tried to pay). I didn’t think I was there for very long, but by the time I went back out into the cafeteria (after promising not to put my coat on and to drink plenty of fluids), at least 20 minutes had elapsed.

I called up to my boss’s office and he had gone home sick. His son (who also works on-site) came by and sat with me for a few minutes before he had to go, and then my other co-worker came by while he was waiting for a burger and checked on me. I finished my minestrone soup and gathered my things, and finally went back up to my desk.

Hey, at least I got a t-shirt out of the whole deal. 🙂


One response to “half a gallon

  1. I hope that you are feeling better soon, and next time eat the COOKIES. :), Not only are they super nutrious they are heathly too. Ok so not really. Take care of yourself.

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