local gossip… if you count dallas

Well… the NHL’s most eligible bachelor is engaged. That’s right, ladies… Mike Modano proposed to Dancing With the Stars contestant Willa Ford. (Or check out this page, which has a video of Willa talking about the engagement and showing off the ring to Access Hollywood.)

What I want to know is… why didn’t Mikey show up in the crowd when she was competing? And if he was there, how come the ABC-heads didn’t show him? Isn’t he at least as cute as some of the people they flew in there?

Oh yeah, and here’s one more question… is this the first time a story has been on both ESPN.com and AccessHollywood.com?

Okay, in closer-to-home gossip… well, there really isn’t much gossip. Ryan’s mom and Cowboy stopped by last night while they were in the neighborhood to chat for a couple of minutes. I made an interesting thrown-together pasta dish that consisted of capers, sauteed onions, bacon, basil, oregano, red pepper flakes and lots of olive oil tossed together with angel hair pasta, covered in shredded cheese, and served alongside a pile of peas. It wasn’t bad, really. We went to Saucer, where I had a Sprite (to stave off the queasies) and Ryan propped his total up to 195. He got an interesting beer called Satan Red, which was the featured beer for “glass night”… so he got the cute little Belgian ale snifter-type glass to go with it. It’s funny, it’s just a small glass that says “satan” on it in menacing red letters.

Ummmm… today’s gossip… we’re going to Wassailfest in New Braunfels today, which we haven’t done since we’ve lived here. So now we’ve done two ‘fests in New Braunfels… the first being the sausagefest known as Wurstfest. 😉 I’m looking forward to it, because it’s going to be a chilly night, and it will be fun to go try a bunch of wassail and stroll through downtown. Hopefully we’ll remember the camera and we can snap some memories.


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