packing sucks

We started packing yesterday, and almost everything has come off of the walls. It looks so sad and empty already in our apartment, although there is crap strewn all over the floor, all our furniture is still in place, and we have only begun to scratch the surface.

We’ve started selling/trying to sell some of our stuff… CDs, books, electronics we rarely or never use. I put them up on Craigslist late last night, but of course if anybody I know is willing to buy off some of our stuff, let me know. There’s a 24″ tv/vcr/dvd combo, dvd player, vcr, Xbox w/games (including Tetris Worlds!!), etc. So yeah, let me know.

I woke up this morning and navigated the minefield of stuff that is on the floor… as we get closer to leaving our housekeeping give-a-shit-ed-ness is starting to wane. It always happens… and of course, it makes it more difficult to actually pack and clean as we’re trying to vacate. But packing is such an energy-sucking crap-basket of a task, I hardly even care.

In between the packing and the Craigslist-posting last night, we had a quick but leisurely dinner at Lai Wah’s, followed by ice cream at Brindles and beers at Flying Saucer. Brenden, the manager at FS, actually gave me a free Chimay since I usually just get whatever’s on special, which was awfully nice of him. (And it was an awfully good beer, too.) I had started with a Real Ale Brewhouse Brown, and Ryan had a Saxo and something else, I can’t remember what exactly. We went to Walmart and got some more stuff for our Angel Tree child, along with some puppy gifts for our children. Ryan got a Santa suit for Barker that didn’t fit him, but that didn’t stop us from taking a picture of the pathetic pittie before he took the suit back, of course.

Today has been a really long day, although my boss is traveling, which usually means I am bored. But not today, no! I am hoping to go home and have some quiet non-thinking time for a while but I doubt that will happen, because all that stuff isn’t gonna pack itself, is it? I did get a call about an interview while I’m in Sherman next Monday, the downtown job I wrote about before. I gave my salary requirements and still got a call, so that’s a good thing, I hope.


One response to “packing sucks

  1. You’re selling the X-Box? We had some good times on that machine. 😦

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